Aggie Baseball Gets $1 Million Makeover

By Sante Guajardo

Staff Writer

An example of the renovations. Photo from Coach Brian Green.

Thanks to the generous donation of $1.4 million from an NMSU alumnus, the facilities for Aggie baseball have undertaken a new look for the 2015-2016 season.

NMSU graduate Mike Johnson and his wife, Judy, had many reasons to donate to this program, among them was to honor Mike’s mother, Mineola, who loved watching Mike and his brother play baseball.

“My older brother and I grew up playing the game in Roswell,” Johnson says in an interview with the NMSU News Center. “The love for the game was instilled in us by my mother, who was a huge baseball fan.”

They hope the renovations to Presley Askew Baseball Field will serve as a memorial to Mineola and bring a great fortune to NMSU baseball.

This donation will not only improve the facility that the team plays in, but also give an improved stadium for fans. Renovations include additions to the stands, chair back seating, stadium sun cover, dugout renovations, upgraded press box, and more.

Photo from Coach Brian Green.

Renovations are slated to be finished before the season starts for 2015-2016.

“The facility definitely makes a difference because it shows the vision of the program and where we want to go with it,” says Head Coach Brian Green in an interview with The Round Up.

Green says he believes the renovations will entice more recruits to the baseball program.

“In order to impact recruiting, we have to change the facilities,” he says.

These renovations will also provide one of the best stadium settings for Aggie fans to enjoy watching games. Fans can now enjoy alcoholic beverages, shade in the stands, and so much more.

“I played here with a single bleacher and now the chair backs and the sun shade are an amazing difference,” Green says.

NMSU baseball looks to take the positives it has gained from these additions and turn it into momentum for the program to win a championship.

Photo from Coach Brian Green.

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