Getting Started in Fantasy Football

By Julian Martinez

Staff Writer

Fantasy football has been a staple in the NFL for a couple decades now, but recently a new trend has started in daily leagues. Daily leagues are not season-binding and allow a player to have a different lineup of players on a week-to-week basis.

Sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings have the largest slices of the market, as links to their sites are endorsed by prominent fantasy football analysts, such as Matthew Berry.

So getting started is fairly simple. It all begins by starting an account on one of the two sites listed above.  Many sites like ESPN or CBS will offer promo codes to their subscribers. After you’ve run through your original free promotional offers, then comes time to start investing your own budget into the website.

Your deposit will give you a pool of money to disperse as you see fit from among all active NFL players. Here is where the decision-making process comes into play. You do not have an unlimited fund of money and each player has their own values based on which tier they tend to fall in according to their position.

Normally in a season fantasy league, it is encouraged to abstain from quarterbacks as long as possible, but in a daily fantasy league you want someone you can trust and investing in that elite tier is never a bad idea. You of course want to keep an eye on league settings to confirm that the league has not devalued the quarterback position severely, but solid play from this position can really anchor your team.

You want to also take more chances in this kind of format. In seasonal leagues, the boom or bust players can be frustrating and wears your trust thin, but catching one of these players on a big week in daily leagues can be the difference between winning and losing.

Seasonal formats also stress “play your studs regardless of matchups,” but in a league like this taking a chance on a lower tier player with a favorable matchup may be preferable. Even though the elite tier player has the lower floor, his ceiling may not be nearly as high as the alternative.

Like all fantasy leagues though, it is necessary to utilize your resources. Even a social media tool like Twitter can be vital in basing your lineup decision when it comes to injury reports or off-the-field issues that may affect your player.  Adam Shefter can be your best friend some days.

Ultimately this is a game of luck, but yet you still have a great opportunity to control your own destiny just by taking a few extra steps that the average player remains unknowledgeable about.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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