The 2015 Beer, Bacon, and Bourbon Festival: Why I will not be attending in 2016

By Julian Martinez

Photo from the 2015 Beer, Bacon, and Bourbon Festival Facebook event page.

Staff Writer

So I first saw this event appear on my Facebook newsfeed a few weeks prior to the event. It sounded intriguing, fun, and a nice change of pace to my normal weekend routine.

Naturally, the thing to do was let my personal friends and my colleagues know about it and get them invested in the idea, so we could go as a group. I hyped it up and they too got really into the idea.

So it came time for the day of the event.

Myself and three of my best friends went, and we were greeted quickly by the $25 entry fee to the event. This was no trouble, as it is not like anyone would expect this event to be free. The problem later would be whether I could have spent my money better elsewhere.

The $25 was good enough to get you five beer samples and five bourbon samples. The question that came to my mind was: What about the bacon?

At the door, they gave us a voting card to pick our favorite bacon creation. Naturally, you would then think you’d have the opportunity to sample several on the food carts that were at the event. This assumption would be wrong, though, as each food cart would cost at minimum $5.

So essentially, to give an honest vote you, would have to buy several of the entrées offered there. Even if you tried two, you are then paying $10 on top of the $25 you already paid just to get in the door.

I will say I did try one bacon creation, however, some BLT sliders and they were amazing, but overall the bacon portion of it was a bust. So let’s talk about the other two parts of this festival.

I consider myself a social drinker, and treating myself to finer alcoholic beverages is not generally typical. So when I arrived at this festival, I was hoping to see a very diverse variety of brands, some beverages that I had never seen before, and I can say for the most part I was not disappointed in this area.

Probably my biggest point of contention with this portion of the festival was that the cups we were provided had very miniscule samples. The samples sizes given were one ounce of beer and 0.25 ounces of bourbon, respectively.

I did not have the expectation of getting overly inebriated at the festival, but when you compare the ticket price to the amount of alcohol you are receiving it simply does not add up.

Another disappointment when it came to bourbon sampling was that several bottles my friends and I were interested in giving a try were gone within the first hour. There were a couple samples that I will say I particularly liked, such as George Dickely 12 and Pendleton 1910.

Overall, the festival left a bad taste in my mouth and not from the bourbon. My biggest objections were in regards to price but, as I don’t see the price of the festival going down moving forward, I can probably say in good faith that I will not be attending this festival again in the near future.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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