Opinion: Publishers need to stop being greedy, lower the costs of textbooks

By Sante Guajardo

Staff Writer

As a sophomore at New Mexico State University, I have endured nearly three semesters of being gouged for textbooks.  If you live on campus, your textbooks cost more than your living arrangement.  This seems ridiculous to me, yet every year nothing changes.

There must be some fee that goes toward the cost of books, but it practically bankrupts students, many of whom already pay for apartments, food, and the like.  Of course books shouldn’t come free—very little in life comes free—but simply because the publishers can doesn’t mean they should take advantage of students, their parents, by yearly and exorbitantly increasing the prices of textbooks.

At least Martin Shkreli only gouged his prices once.

A good majority of students can’t pay for every book right off the bat because they’re worried about paying for everything else.  This results in students not getting books and struggling with their classes.

A proper solution might be providing a set amount of books for professors, much like high school.  The books should be provided by the university and housed in sections of the libraries under proper security.

As difficult a situation as this is to remedy, there needs to be an alternative to gouging students and their bank accounts.  I encourage you to share your thoughts on how this problem should be solved.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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