LC farmers market promotes collective individualism

By Nicholas Bylotas
Volunteer Writer
Come to the farmers market, friends! It is a wonderful place where your fellow citizens walk about for the splendid reason of having nothing better to do on a Saturday morning in Las Cruces.
Don’t mistake me, there are plenty of things you could do other than go to the farmers market, but few that are better choices. At the market you can exercise your right to be an individual in the team of our community. You never know who you are going to run into out there. Perhaps it’s the career opportunity you have been waiting for, or could it be the love of your life? 
The fact of the matter is, the farmers market in Las Cruces is an example of what it means to be an American. The people come together and bare their passions before the world through their art, and at no cost for you to see. The music, the paintings, the crafters, the food – the farmers market is an exhibition.
Whether you’ve seen it before, or you’ve not been yet, the farmers market is the place to be on Saturday mornings. Artists, grab your tools and bring your creative selves to the community and show us what you’re about!
Come on down to the farmers market on Main Street every Saturday at 7 a.m., where you can feel good about contributing to the local economy and to people’s unique artistry. See you there.

The Round Up investigates: Fake job on Aggie Career Manager

The Round Up/Oncore Magazine recently uncovered a fake job posting on NMSU’s Aggie Career Manager attempting to scam students.

By Billy Huntsman

Managing Editor

The Round Up/Oncore Magazine recently uncovered a fake job posting on NMSU’s Aggie Career Manager attempting to scam students.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.18.34 AM.jpg
Conestoga’s listing on Aggie Career Manager.  Photo by Billy Huntsman.

The position was ‘store keeper assistant’ with Conestoga Cold Storage, “a temperature controlled warehousing and transportation company based in Canada and United State, and is considered one of the pioneers of the modern commercialized temperature-controlled warehouse for the storage of perishable goods,” the job listing said.

Job description for Conestoga.  Photo by Billy Huntsman.

The job’s listed contact, Dwane Arnott, explained in a series of emails that Conestoga was looking to expand into the United States from Canada.

The job paid $300 a week to an individual working two to five hours a day ‘in a small stockroom. Maintains receipts, records, and withdrawals. Checks materials and supplies and reports when stock is low. Receives and unpacks materials and supplies. Reports damages and discrepancies for accounting, reimbursement and record-keeping purposes.”

The store keeper’s weekly payment would have arrived with a certified cashier’s check along with the money needed in order to pay the supplier for stock. The store keeper, ‘Arnott’s’ emails (and later texts) said, would have deposited this cashier’s check into his or her bank account and paid the supplier once the funds were released.

An exchange of texts between TRU/OM and ‘Arnott’.  Photo by Billy Huntsman.

The business’ listed address was 1420 W. Amador Ave.

1420 W. Amador Ave. If this were a cold storage facility, it wouldn’t be out of place in the area.  Photo by Billy Huntsman.

“I am glad to let you know that by the end of today,agreement would have been finalized with the Realtor leasing the space so we want our supplier to start bringing goods so we can commence stocking,” ‘Arnott’ wrote in an email to TRU/OM on April 23.

Yet driving by the property on April 27, the location is still available for lease by Steinborn Commercial Real Estate.

“It’s still showing as available (on the computer),” said an associate of the real estate company. “It says, ‘For sale or lease.’”

TRU/OM contacted the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department to see if at least the business had a tax identification number.

“(Conestoga Cold Storage) is not coming up in the system,” an employee of the department told TRU/OM. “More than likely they probably are not registered with New Mexico.”

The Office of the Secretary of State confirmed to TRU/OM that the ‘business’ was not registered in the state.

“1420 W. Amador I have a Milagro Construction & Repair, an Autoglass Solutions & More, and those are the only two registered businesses I have at that location,” said an employee with the City of Las Cruces’ Building and Development Services.

Conestoga Cold Storage is, however, a real company, with five offices in Canada, and Dwane Arnott is an employee in their Kitchener, Ontario, office. Though TRU/OM and ‘Arnott’ had been exchanging emails and texts for several days, when TRU/OM called him on April 27, he did not recognize our name.

“I just talked to another gentleman in your neck of the woods this morning, as well,” the real Arnott told TRU/OM.

Arnott said he believed the other individual he talked to was from Fullerton College in California.

“(The scam has) been going on for a couple weeks actually,” Arnott said. “A person from our HR Department came across it first and then I see some postings mostly at colleges.”

TRU/OM found similar postings at Greenville College in Illinois, James Madison University in Virginia (where the contact was listed as a ‘Marc Smernoff’,) the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Austin Community College, Durham Technical Community College in North Carolina, Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington (though this posting seems to have been taken down), and the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in Missouri (where again ‘Smernoff’ has been listed).

If you put “Works in a small stockroom. Maintains receipts, records, and withdrawals. Checks materials and supplies and reports when stock is low. Receives and unpacks materials and supplies. Reports damages and discrepancies for accounting, reimbursement and record-keeping purposes” in Google, several results for Nigerian jobs come up as well.

TRU/OM attempted to contact the Arnott impostor. His office number has a Tennessee area code, which a woman picked up denying any knowledge of who Arnott is.

The cell phone number ‘Arnott’ provided has a Georgia area code.

“Hello, I know you are not Dwane Arnott and this is a scam,” we wrote.

“will you shut up your mouth idiot,” ‘Arnott’ replied.

TRU/OM contacted NMSU’s Career Services to alert them to remove the listing, and they additionally have sent out notice of the scam to any student who may have applied for the position.  This information will be given to Campus Police, who will then distribute it to other colleges, said Roseanne Bensley, associate director of Career Services.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.14.19 AM
The email sent out by Bensley to applicants for the fake job.  Photo by Billy Huntsman.

Anyone concerned about the legitimacy of a job posted on Aggie Career Manager should contact Career Services immediately at (575) 646-1631.


Local essay contest asks, What is the greatest good you can do?

Essay contest offers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes of $500, $250, and $125 respectively. The prompt: what is the greatest good you can do in your life?

By Billy Huntsman

Managing Editor

Members of Doña Ana County, ages 18 to 30, are invited to write and submit 300-word essays in order to be considered for cash prizes.

The Windsor-Hermsmeier Gifting Fund is offering prizes of $500, $250, and $125 for the best essays concerning the prompt: what is the great good I can do in my life?

The contest is “in honor of Miguel Gabriel Silva, former Las Cruces city councilor (who died earlier this year) who helped enrich the soul of Las Cruces and Mesilla by promoting community well-being,” says a flyer promoting the contest.

The rules for the contest are: 300 words maximum, must be written by hand, describing your idea of “the greatest good” you can do in your life and how it can benefit the world, and what three actions will help you achieve your “greatest good.”

Also, on a second piece of paper, participants are asked to list their top three “bucket list” experiences/goals—what three things must you do before you die?

“Judging is based on neatness, legibility, grammar, content, sincerity, and reasonableness of ideas,” the flyer says.

Essays must be postmarked by May 15, 2016, to:

The Windsor-Hermsmeier Gifting Fund

P.O. Box 121, Las Cruces, NM 88004

Further inquiries can be made at

The Windsor-Hermsmeier Gifting Fund is managed by a Dr. and Mr. Windsor and Hermsmeier based out of Susanville, California, according to Susanville’s Lassen County Times, where in May 2014 a similar essay contest took place.

Windsor and Hermsmeier “are interested in promoting community well being in the honor of their parents. Harold and Varonika Windsor, Walter and Dorothy Hermsmeier were dedicated to American societal values of hard work, education, dedication to family and also art as values of a community,” the newspaper placement reads.

The current Windsor is a doctor at High Desert State Prison, while the current Hermsmeier is a retired machine operator and property manager, the newspaper says.

Their fathers were World War II veterans, while their mothers were “dedicated homemakers,” the newspaper says.

Opinion: This season, it’s do or die for Aggie football

The NMSU football team has been told by the Sun Belt Conference they are no longer wanted. This next season is vital for NMSU football to remain relevant.


Photo from

By Albert Luna

Sports Editor

Saturday, April 16.

NMSU football is holding its annual Crimson and White Scrimmage, with the conclusion of yet another set of spring practices in the books. The players play hard, the fans come out in pretty decent numbers, yet there’s still something that seems like it doesn’t fit.

It has been on the field for the past two seasons but has an expiration date of just two years more, and on this Saturday in April, the Sun Belt Conference logo remains part of NMSU football.

Obviously by now, most people know that the Aggies’ time in one of the worst Division-I FBS conferences is limited as the Sun Belt has essentially told NMSU (and Idaho) they are no longer welcome to play football in their conference beyond 2017.

Not too surprising, considering NMSU’s reputation as the school with the longest bowl drought. And it was generally expected that not a lot, if any, of FBS conferences would be lining up at the school’s doorsteps to invite the Aggies into their league—which is exactly what has (not) happened.

NMSU Chancellor Garrey Carruthers has been fairly mum on the subject, so there is a whole lot of uncertainty for NMSU’s conference future.

A conference in college sports can mean almost everything. Not only do conferences have direct impacts on recruits and home attendance (household-name universities attract bigger numbers), but also their brand as a whole. A school can gain instant respect and prestige simply from slapping on a particular conference’s acronym next to their name.

NMSU knows this and they know that to get into a somewhat respectable conference going forward, especially in the cash cow sport that is football, they need to perform. That performance can no longer be a long term, exponential plan for growth: it has to happen quickly, and it has to happen in this next season.

Two years can be an enormous amount of time in the conference realignment world. If you need any evidence of this, just go back to the crazy shuffle in 2013 that left NMSU as the odd-school-out and stuck in the now football-less WAC. That being said, so much in college football can be decided on-the-fly in terms of where which schools are going, essentially making a program’s momentum everything. Because of this, NMSU, where traditionally success has been hard to come by, will likely struggle to achieve the kind of success they need to remain in the Sun Belt Conference.

The Aggies must have a winning season this fall and they must make a bowl game in order to keep their chances of staying at the top level of college football. Make no mistake: this next season will have a lasting impact on not only this school but the community for the foreseeable future.

But everything I’m saying is not something that the program doesn’t already know and isn’t preparing for. The face of the program, All-American running back Larry Rose III, says he thinks there certainly is pressure to make a bowl game.

“We don’t think of making a bowl simply because of conference and things like that, but that is a nice added pressure because everyone here wants to make a bowl at the end of the day,” he says. “It’s self-inflicted pressure, if we had to pinpoint it.”

To have a good season, NMSU needs a good start to the season, and the way to do that is to improve the team’s defense.

To accomplish this, the program brought in a new defensive coordinator in Frank Spaziani. And during the spring game, Spaziani’s influence was already apparent, in that the defensive side of the ball had more confidence.

Another important factor in the Aggies’ defense is Jaden Wright, who says the new coach has established a new culture.

“Coach Spaziani is such a good teacher of the game. He’s been right in everything because if we don’t do it his way, we’ll get beat,” he says.

Andres Leighton/AP Photo.

Wright says that players are aware of the situation regarding the school’s conference future but that the coaching staff likes to keep it in the moment.

“We’re just trying to take it one game at a time, one season at a time, and however we do this year, that (conference decision) really is not up to us,” he says.

The third-year defensive back was named the Sun Belt player of the week on one occasion last year and has accepted his leadership role on the team now.

“I tell the guys that nothing that we do will be able to affect tomorrow,” he says.  “We all came here to win, that’s one thing people might not get: none of us came here to lose.”

He echoes the same goals as Rose.

“Our biggest thing is that we need to just make a bowl game,” Wright says. “That’s what it comes to.”

Spaziani and the defense certainly seem to have a groove. Rodney Butler, a senior linebacker heading into his final year, says the former Boston College head coach has challenged his players.

“It’s not only in practice, but it’s also in the film room and he’s pushing us into the best we can be,” he says.

If this Saturday in April is any indication of what is to come defensively, Wright and Butler seem to have their side of the ball well in check headed into the summer.

With the defensive revival seemingly already taking place, the team really has all of the weak spots from a year ago basically covered up, at least from a fundamental standpoint as the season continues to get closer and closer.

With these factors, there can be no more, “Next season we’ll get better” attitude, which Las Cruces has heard since 1960. Coaches need to judge their players on bowl success, and in turn, Athletic Director Mario Moccia needs to judge his coaches on this same criterion.

The time to win is no longer in the future for the Aggies, it is now and it’s more important than ever. The only question that remains: Will this team step up to the challenge?

Sports Editor Albert Luna may be reached at

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Aggies take doubleheader vs. Bakersfield in home finale

Aggies win a doubleheader against CSU – Bakersfield.

Aggie Emma Adams in her last appearance on the NMSU softball field.  Photo by Derek Gonzales.

By Derek Gonzales

Staff Writer

The New Mexico State softball team appears to have found their groove as they inch closer to defending their WAC Championship in Seattle, Washington, in the 2016 WAC Softball Tournament in two weeks. They completed the sweep of Cal-State Bakersfield, winning both games of the doubleheader 12-1 and 4-2 Saturday afternoon at the New Mexico State softball complex.

The first game saw senior Karysta Donisthorpe take the mound for the Aggies. In her last start of her career at the New Mexico State softball complex, she was outstanding. She went all five innings in the run-ruled game, striking out four and giving up only one run.

“It was amazing. The fact that hitters were putting up runs was a great feeling,” says Donisthorpe, who capped off her illustrious four-year career with her ninth win of the year.

NM State (32-19, 11-1 WAC) jumped out to an early lead when Kelsey Horton hit a three-run home-run to push the Aggies out to a 3-0 lead. It was her team-leading 14th home run of the year. NM State as a team is first in the conference in home-runs, batting average, scoring, slugging percentage, and triples. A prolific offense is a Coach Kathy Rodolph staple, as she has put together powerful offenses in her 12 seasons in Las Cruces, and this year’s squad has been no different.

After scoring another run in the bottom of the second to extend to 4-0, CSUB (13-30, 5-7 WAC) scored a run in the top of the third inning with a Chris Hipa single that forced two Aggie errors and led to Alex Simmons scoring on the play. With the score 4-1, the Aggie offense exploded in the bottom half of the inning.

Tatum Reedy began the inning with a three-run home run of her own off of CSUB pitcher Alyssa Stockton to put the score at 7-1. It was her eighth of the season. That was only the beginning of the scoring for the inning. Emma Adams hit a double three batters later and it scored Rodriguez and Brennalyn Nakamura to extend the lead to 9-1.

Pinch-hitter Kennedy Johnson smashed a three-run homer later in the inning that scored Fiana Finau and Adams. That capped off an eight-run inning for the Aggies and put them in control of the game and Donisthorpe coasted from that point forward. The win gave coach Rodolph her 400th victory at New Mexico State.

“To be able to capture my 400th win here at home on senior weekend makes it all that much more special,” says Rodolph. “I remember that first season here (when NM State went 14-49) like it was yesterday, and we’ve come a long way with phenomenal young ladies that believed in the vision we had here. Without phenomenal kids, we wouldn’t have been able to turn this around.”

Senior Makayla McAdams (13-8) started at pitcher for the Aggies in the second game, and followed Donisthorpe’s solid performance with one of her own. She allowed one run and three hits on 53 pitches.

“When we started this season, we graduated roughly 60 home-runs, so we knew that the most experienced piece of our team was our pitching, and they needed to anchor down while our offense was getting their feet under them, and they’ve done just that,” says Rodolph.

Victoria Castro (1 for 4, RBI) tripled in the home half of the second inning that brought in pitch-runner Jovanni Felix to score. Nakamura (1 for 3, run scored) then hit a rare bunt double and Castro reached third on the play. Castro then scored on a wild pitch that advanced Nakamura to third, and Amy Bergeson (0 for 2, RBI) brought in Nakamura on a groundout a few pitches later to put the score at 3-0 through two innings. CSUB answered in the next half inning with a run on a Julea Cavazos single up the middle that scored Kaylynn Burt.

Freshman pitcher Kayla Green came on in a relief appearance for the second day in a row, and did a great job, despite getting herself in trouble in the top of the seventh inning trying to close the game. She allowed a two-out triple to Burt that scored Jo Larios for the ‘Runners, and with Burt on third and the tying run at the plate, Rodolph brought in Donisthorpe to try to get the one-out save and did just that to cap off the 4-2 win.

Saturday marked the last time seniors Fiana Finau, Tatum Reedy, Makayla McAdams, Karysta Donisthorpe, Brennalyn Nakamura, and Emma Adams took the field at the New Mexico State softball complex. Looking ahead, NM State will face UMKC in a three-game series next weekend in Kansas City and travel to Albuquerque to face the University of New Mexico on May 3.

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Aggies win vs. CSU-Bakersfield

The Aggie softball team won the first of three games against CSU-Bakersfield this weekend.

Photo by Derek Gonzales.

By Derek Gonzales

Staff Writer

The New Mexico State softball team started off their last home series of the season with a 6-5 win over Cal-State Bakersfield on Friday evening at the New Mexico State softball complex.

The ‘Runners (13-27, 5-5 WAC) scored at the top of the first with a Chris Hipa single that scored Julea Cavazos. The game went into a lightning delay midway through the bottom of the first, and the game didn’t resume for an hour and 20 minutes.

When play resumed, it didn’t take long for NM State (30-19, 9-1 WAC) to take the lead back. In the bottom of the second inning, Corrin Green (0 for 2, walk) reached first base by way of a walk that was issued by CSU-Bakersfield starting pitcher Amber Mills (6-12). Victoria Castro (1 for 2, RBI) followed that with a single, and a hit-by-pitch loaded the bases for senior Tatum Reedy. Playing in her last collegiate series in Las Cruces, she smashed a Mills pitch to straight center-field for a grand slam.

That gave NM State a 4-1 lead. From there, Aggie starting pitcher Makayla McAdams (12-8) didn’t allow CSU-Bakersfield to take the lead, but she did give up five runs in 4.1 innings pitched. CSU-Bakersfield scored a couple of runs in the top of the third inning to trim the Aggie lead to one at 4-3, but NM State answered with a couple of runs of their own at the bottom of the inning to stretch the lead back out to 6-3.

In the top of the fifth, CSU-Bakersfield struck again twice. ‘Runner short-shop Alex Simmons hit a triple into the a right-center field alley, scoring Cavazos. That was all for McAdams, as she was relieved by freshman Kayla Green. After throwing two changeups to Hipa, Green tried to blow a fastball by her, but Hipa was able to hit a blooper past Aggie short-shop Haley Nakamura and it scored Simmons to put the score at 6-5.

After that, neither team posed a scoring threat for the rest of the game, as Green was excellent in her relief appearance, only allowing two hits, and she was able to pick up for first career save in the process.

NM State will play CSU-Bakersfield in a doubleheader tomorrow at the New Mexico State softball complex with the first game beginning at four p.m., with the second game beginning approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.

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Aggie Football in depth: Tyrian Taylor

Staff Writer Derek Gonzales sits down with NMSU football’s Tyrian Taylor to discuss the past and the upcoming season.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images.

By Derek Gonzales

Staff Writer

Tyrian Taylor is no stranger to adversity. How could he be? He’s been fighting for his dream for too long and overcome too much not to go all out now.

“You’re too small, you don’t have enough accolades.”

This is just the beginning of what Taylor has heard his entire life. Yet when Taylor, an upcoming senior wide receiver for the New Mexico State football team, steps onto the football field, all that talk might as well be white noise.

Taylor grew up in a crime-filled part of Orlando, Florida, where trouble was not hard to find. His mother, Lisa Taylor, and father, Freddrick Williams, made sure that their son did not fall into the dangers that were constantly around him.

“It was kind of crazy,” Taylor says. “I did not stay in the best upscale neighborhood. There was a lot of crime in the area, so my dad got me into football. I always played football with older kids, so when it was time to play outside, the older guys would come knock on my door to see if I could come play.”

Taylor played organized football earlier than most kids in the Orlando-area, and he quickly developed a feel for the game, which made him one of the top players in the area. He eventually made it to Jones High School in Orlando, and as a sophomore garnered interest from Division I football programs.

“In 10th grade, I actually received letters from Clemson, Middle Tennessee State, and Massachusetts, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out,” says Taylor.

Taylor put up solid numbers as a senior, catching 11 touchdowns en route to a 1,000-yard season, but being at 5’9’’, 155 pounds coming out of high school, coaches saw his smaller frame and didn’t believe he could handle the rigors of Division I football.

That forced Taylor to settle on Division-II Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri, right after high school.

“I played there (Lindenwood) as a true freshman,” he says. “After that season, I wanted to transfer and go to a Division I school. A friend of mine told me about Ellsworth because he was planning on going there himself, and since it is a junior college, it allowed me to do what I wanted and get re-recruited.”

Ellsworth Community College is located in Iowa Falls, Iowa, which is 1,391 miles away from the Orlando International Airport. The distance between the two cities didn’t affect Taylor, as it was almost expected from athletes in central Florida to earn scholarships from football-playing institutions. In high school Taylor was also a track and field star and he ran the 4×100-meter relay with three other teammates, who went on to play Division-I football (Kermit Whitfield – Florida State, C.J. Jennings – Wyoming, Wilkinson Myrtil – Florida International).

As a sophomore at Ellsworth, Taylor shined for the Panthers. In his first game he caught 11 passes for 159 yards and two touchdowns. The next week he had eight more catches for 114 yards and another touchdown. In 11 games he totaled 66 receptions for 1,029 yards and 10 touchdowns. He earned a spot on the All-American second team and was a first-team all-conference performer.

After that season, his time at Ellsworth was over. Luckily, it wouldn’t be the last time Taylor would put on football pads. The New Mexico State coaching staff was on the recruiting trail for a wide receiver, and as Head Coach Doug Martin and his staff have done throughout their tenure in Las Cruces, he found another diamond in the rough.

Taylor finally accomplished his goal of play in a Division I program, but he was not content. He didn’t want to just be on the team, he wanted to leave his mark on a program that has not been to a bowl game since 1960.

After playing his first FBS game in his home state against the University of Florida in front of 25 family members and friends, the Aggies came home to face Georgia State in the Sun Belt Conference opener. Though the Aggies fell 34-32, Taylor busted onto the scene with an outstanding game. He had 10 receptions for 206 yards and a couple of touchdown catches in front of a nearly sold-out crowd in Aggie Memorial Stadium.

“I expected big things coming into FBS football, and I always knew I had the ability to prove myself, but I finally was able to show it and it was crazy,” Taylor says.

Even with that performance against Georgia State and an acrobatic touchdown catch against rival UTEP, in a game where NMSU blew a 14-point lead with four minutes left and eventually lost in overtime, 50-47, it was hard on Taylor as the Aggies started off the season 0-7.

After the team hit rock bottom with a 52-7 loss against then 1-5 Troy at homecoming, they pulled off a miraculous comeback against the Idaho Vandals on Halloween night, sparking a three-game winning streak, something that Taylor still thinks about as the team prepares for 2016.

“It showed the potential we have,” he says. “We have a good team, we just hadn’t come together as a unit to finish. Once we started learning how to win, we started being that good team. This year will be a very good year for us.”

Taylor finished the season with a modest 39 receptions for 691 yards and four touchdowns. The Aggies finished the season 3-9, and if they want to improve on that record this upcoming season, many believe the impetus is on Taylor to be more productive, especially after the transfer of teammate Teldrick Morgan. Taylor says it’s a challenge he is ready for.

“I will be able to be more productive,” he says. “We spread the ball around, but I’m expecting to do bigger things and put up better numbers than I did last year.”

As a senior, he ultimately wants to accomplish what he came to New Mexico State for: go to a bowl game and be part of the team that ended the nation’s longest bowl drought.

“I really want to win a bowl game, and I want everybody to come together as a team and finish games,” he says.

Taylor says he’d like 60 individual receptions and 10 touchdowns in his last year playing college football.

The young man has proved he can counter any punch that life throws at him. And despite being a senior, his football career is likely just starting.

NM State Football Concludes Spring with Annual Crimson and White Game

Annual spring game gives Aggie fans reason to hope in the fall.


The game on Saturday afternoon.  Photo by Derek Gonzales.

By Derek Gonzales

Staff Writer

The New Mexico State football team concluded spring practices on Saturday afternoon with the annual Crimson and White game at Aggie Memorial Stadium.

The defense won the game, 68-18. For the defense, the point system included six points for a turnover, four points for a sack, three points for a three-and-out, and a point for a tackle for loss. The Aggie offense, which was in the crimson home jerseys, were given six points for a touchdown, three points for a field goal, and two points for a two-point conversion and a point for a point-after-touchdown.

The defense imposed their will upfront for most of the day, much to the pleasure of first-year defensive coordinator Frank Spaniani. Spaziani has tried to implement creative blitzes, and it seemed to baffle back-up quarterbacks Conner Cramer and Nick Jeanty.

Another encouraging sign was that linebackers Terrill Hanks and Javahn Ferguson did not play Saturday. Those two were key contributors as freshmen and will help bolster the defense along with some incoming recruits beginning in fall camp.

Junior Dalton Herrington led the Aggie defense with 11 tackles, including a tackle-for-loss. Defensive end Dalton Rocha was able to record two sacks and defensive tackle Kourtland Busby pitched in a sack of his own. The three turnovers were another encouraging sign defensively as defensive backs Christian Gibson and Noah Brown each intercepted a pass and a fumble was recovered by the defense also.

The Aggie offense did show signs of growth with Cramer and Jeanty getting a majority of the snaps. Cramer went 22-28 on the day for 173 yards. His ability to throw the ball downfield and escape pressure with his legs should make him the back-up to Tyler Rogers going into fall camp, but graduate transfer Tyler Matthews will be in the mix for the starting job once he graduates from Southern Mississippi and enrolls at NMSU.

“We have everyone buying in and we have capable backups too,” says junior safety Jaden Wright.

He, along with Jacob Nwangwa and Brown, lead an experienced Aggie secondary into the fall and if they can make some leaps forward as a unit, they should have NMSU vying for a bowl-bid.

Derek Gonzales can be reached at

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Opinion: Could Marvin Menzies still leave for UNLV?

Staff writer Derek Gonzales examines recent updates in the Marvin Menzies shakeup at NMSU.

By Derek Gonzales

Staff Writer

Just as we thought the dust had settled and the coaching carousel had run its course through Las Cruces as it comes to rumors around NMSU head basketball coach Marvin Menzies, another situation has surfaced and it appears this one poses the biggest threat to the Aggie Basketball program losing its head coach since Menzies arrived on campus in 2007.

Menzies has been linked to jobs in the past at schools such as Arizona State, Texas Tech, Tulsa, UNLV, and Washington State. Though he has not left to this point, his sustained success at NMSU has made him a commodity to high-profile programs.  He is 198-111 in nine seasons, and has led NMSU to the postseason six times. His teams have been highly unimpressive against quality competition, going 3-15 against New Mexico and 0-16 against Power 5 Schools. His best win outside of beating New Mexico or UTEP while he’s been in Las Cruces was against Pacific in 2013.

It is being reported that since Texas Tech lost head coach Tubby Smith to the University of Memphis, the Red Raiders are looking at Chris Beard (though he has only been at UNLV six days) to be their next head coach. Beard was able to get the job after a 28-5 season at Arkansas-Little Rock, which was his first at the school. UNLV athletic director Tina Kunzer-Murphy chose Beard over Menzies, but now it appears UNLV might lose Beard.

Beard was an assistant coach at Texas Tech for 10 seasons (2001-2011). He coached under Bobby Knight, and was a part of the coaching staff that led Tech to four NCAA Tournament appearances during that time. As of Thursday night, Beard had met with Texas Tech officials about the opening and Kunzer-Murphy issued a statement confirming the meeting and adding that she looks to have the situation resolved in the next 24 hours, according to Mark Anderson of the Las VegasReview Journal.

If Beard were to bolt for Lubbock, UNLV would be sure to give Marvin Menzies another call to see if he is still interested in UNLV. Menzies was an assistant under Lon Kruger for the Runnin’ Rebels during the 2004-2005 season, and has familiarity facing Mountain West schools. His 1-11 in 12 games against Mountain West opponents would cause Rebel fans to cringe, but the upgrades in facilities and a larger recruiting budget would help Menzies bring in players that will help him build a sustainable program.

It is a real uncertain time for the Aggie basketball program. With Pascal Siakam entering the national scene, testing the NBA waters, and the team bringing back all of the key contributors from a year ago, it looks to be only a matter of time until a program with more money, more fan support, and stability in a conference comes knocking on Menzies’ door. If it happens this weekend, Aggie fans can only be grateful we were able to keep him almost a decade and can look forward to turning the page after an amazing chapter in Aggie basketball history.

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NBA Week 25

The playoffs are almost here! Find out who’s likely to make the cut!

By Albert Luna

Sports Editor

Just like that, it’s all over. By this time next week, the NBA will have had its regular season come to a close and already completed the first games of the 2016 playoffs. Crazy, especially considering how many storylines we had this season. On top of all that, we also have some legitimate intrigue as we head into the final three days of the season including whether or not the Warriors will win their final game and break the all-time wins record, as well as Kobe scheduled to play the final game of his career on Wednesday night. With that said, let’s get into three things I like and don’t like, plus power rankings.

Like: Farewell, Kobe

He won’t be making the playoffs this year, but he will surely have an impact on them nonetheless. For many of the current or up-and-coming NBA stars, Kobe Bryant was their Michael Jordan. So many grew up watching Kobe and Shaq dominate the league for five years straight and walk away with three championships to show for it. Not to mention another two championships for the “Black Mamba” in 2009 and 2010 as well as an MVP and the second highest scoring game in NBA history (81). Yes, Kobe is a top 10 player of all time, yes he was an usher into the current era of basketball as we know it now. Yes, he is the closest thing to Jordan (from a competitive spirit standpoint) since MJ left the game for good. And no, he will probably never return to the court after Wednesday, enjoy him one more time, NBA fans.

Don’t Like: The Bulls, a mess

The Chicago Bulls have missed the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons, dating back to the campaign before Derrick Rose got there. With essentially the same cast of characters coming out for this season and two legitimate all-star caliber players in Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol, it is a wonder that a team that is that stacked with talent can’t beat out a team like the Pacers or the Pistons for a spot in the playoffs. With the Bulls obviously switching things up this past off season with the edition of Fred Hoiberg, it’s interesting to see if Chicago will stick with their new coach beyond this year.

Don’t Like: The Rockets possibly missing the playoffs

Talk about another team that is a major disappointment. The one thing that needs to be looked at here is that this Rockets team was on the brink of going to the Finals just one year ago. The other thing is that according to most, they were supposed to have gotten better this off season with the addition of Ty Lawson. Now that Lawson is no longer with the team, they have welcomed misfits Josh Smith and Michael Beasley. Simply put, James Harden might not be the kind of alpha dog player that would equate to wins each season that many believe him to be. Simply having him on the team should equate to at least playoff appearances, and that does not seem to be the case currently.

Power Rankings

1) Golden State Warriors–A chance to put their name in the history books on Wednesday is the final piece for the Warriors’ puzzle, they have already clinched the conference.

2) San Antonio Spurs–With their loss to the Warriors on Sunday, there is still yet to be a team that goes completely undefeated at home in NBA history.

3) Cleveland Cavaliers–Two straight losses has made things interesting at the top of the Eastern Conference leaderboards as the Cavs still have yet to clinch the conference.

4) Oklahoma City Thunder–With the third seed in the conference being locked up for the last two weeks, the Thunder have been resting the majority of their players for the past weeks as they look ahead to a likely matchup with the Grizzlies in the first round.

5) Toronto Raptors–Winners of two straight, Toronto will likely finish as the second seed in the conference and the pressure of finally winning a playoff series will begin.

6) Los Angeles Clippers–Blake Griffin has looked a bit rusty but that has not stopped the Clippers from winning a league best five games in a row, after snapping the Mavs’ six-game win streak on Sunday.

7) Atlanta Hawks–With all the talk of the Cavs just walking their way into the Finals this year, the Hawks have been sorely underrated, especially considering this team has already been to the ECF last year.

8) Boston Celtics–The Celtics are hungry for home court advantage, they will more than likely be taking on the Heat in the post season, with the home team yet to be decided.

9) Miami Heat–Hassan Whiteside has found his way back into the starting lineup after being benched following a comeback from injury earlier this year.

10) Charlotte Hornets–The Hornets are a real sleeper, in my opinion, to get past the first round in the playoffs, especially is Kemba Walker is going to score at a clip like he is currently on right now.

Be sure to check next week, same time, and same place, for the next installment of the NBA Column.

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