ASNMSU election results: Bose predicted to win

With more than 1,000 student votes, current ASNMSU Attorney General Matthew Bose is predicted to become the next ASNMSU president.

By Billy Huntsman

Managing Editor

Unofficial results for the 2016-2017 ASNMSU presidential election have current Attorney General Matthew Bose taking incumbent President Dustin Chavez’s position starting in May.

Bose ran against Lawrence Hittle, president of the Residents Hall Association. Though the results are not official, both candidates have voiced certainty of the outcome on social media.

“I can’t even begin to explain how honored I am to have been elected the next student body president of New Mexico State University,” Bose wrote on Facebook. “Three and half years ago I joined ASNMSU to branch out and become more involved, little did I know that this organization and school would give so much to me. I owe much to those who have stood behind me not only this week or month but those who have always pushed me to be a leader within ASNMSU throughout the years. I promise you all that under my leadership, we will accomplish many things this next year not only as a student government but as a student body. Here’s to 2016-2017 and the many great things to come! Thank you all for you support!

Hittle was just as gracious in his concession.

“The election results are in and unfortunately I did not win,” he wrote. “I would like to say thank you to all my supporters, and all of my volunteers! Together we shared a vision for NMSU, together we started conversations on very important topics such as suicide prevention, environmental sustainability and increased transparency. The conversation doesn’t end here, the conversation will continue with each and everyone of us. I will continue to advocate for students and will work to put students first in any capacity I serve in.”

Bose ran on a platform promising fiscal responsibility within ASNMSU, while Hittle’s campaign focused on reviving the Crisis Assistance Listening Line, improving NMSU’s environmental sustainability efforts, and encouraging student Senate and ASNMSU to work better together.

Approximately 1,400 students, or less than 10 percent of NMSU – Las Cruces’ student population, voted. Bose received more than 1,000 votes, Hittle an even 400, according to the ASNMSU tally.

In addition to selecting the next ASNMSU president, this election also saw the position of vice president filled by Kevin Prieto, the sole candidate, and each of the colleges receive new or retain previous senators.

Official results will be posted Friday, April 8.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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