LCPD Focusing on Drunk Driving

By Courtney Beck

Summer may be over for students, but 100 days and nights of summer is still in full stride.

This past Wednesday, the Las Cruces Police Department announced that they will be conducting sobriety and saturation check points in the month of September.

LCPD will conduct at least two sobriety check points, and four saturation check points within the city limits of Las Cruces. This is done in hopes to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the streets of the city. With the check points, the LCPD will also be cracking down with other traffic and driving violations.

Officers will be intently watching out for drivers running red lights, speeding, using their cell phones, as well as other violations. For those students that are thinking about going out and drinking- the LCPD is encouraging the public to plan ahead and make sure that there is a designated driver who will be able to take parties home safely.

An alternative resource to get home from a night out on the town includes Project Home. This is a shuttle style system that runs Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays from 5:30pm-3:00am.

The prices are affordable and contracting the service is only a phone call away. For two people the service is only $5.00, and for three or more people is $10.00 to go anywhere in the Dona Ana county.

Along with Project Home, Uber and Crimson Cab are also available for both Project Home, Uber and Crimson Cab are also available for both Project Home and Crimson Cab, just call (575) 524-TAXI.

The LCPD will be on the lookout for any suspicious driving, so remember to have a designated driver and a back-up plan because they are always watching.




Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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