The Roadrunner Program: Back in Action

By Courtney Beck

Coming into the second month of the fall semester, organizations like the Roadrunner program, are hitting the ground running.

According to ASNMSU, “the Roadrunner program, provides incoming NMSU freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students with an understanding of the workings of student government by bringing them into the organization in an Apprentice/Internship fashion and allows them to participate in the process of student government.”

The program is designed to start students as early as possible, who are eager to become part of NMSU government, the opportunity to learn about the in’s and out’s of ASNMSU.

Assistant Director of Community Outreach of ASNMSU, Adrian Llañez says,” We were fortunate enough to get over 100 applicants this year for the Roadrunner program. We selected 25 of them and today (September 7, 2016) they were orientated. The reason we had to exopodite the process, was because homecoming was moved up this year. As a matter of fact, they already have an assignment, in assisting the Department of Activities in the burning of the Lobo.”

The Roadrunner program provides opportunities to get involved around campus, by working with other groups/ organizations to make NMSU a better campus for all. In the next few weeks, the program will be helping with both Homecoming and Keep State Great.

Each student receives 4 hours a week and to help them stay well rounded, the students will periodically change and learn from all different departments.

Llañez also says the Roadrunners are also getting a feel for the student government, “ They are able to apply and be ready for director positions that will be open in the future. The Roadrunner program is ideal, for not only can you be involved with student government, but you also get the opportunity to network with different people and clubs” she says.

Getting Involved

Thought the application for this school year is now closed, applications will open at the beginning of May 2017 for next year. Once applied, there will be an interviewing process to determine the final students for the program. Students can still be involved with the Roadrunner program by attending ASNMU meetings and social events.

Goals for the Year

“Our hopes is that, I am doing a good enough job to keep them here to keep the student government going, to keep it alive and well. We want to keep it as diverse as possible, different colleges and different age groups.” -Adrian Llañez

Contact Roadrunner Program

You can visit the offices of the program in ASNMSU, located on the second floor of Corbett Student Union.

Community Outreach Directors:

Kayla Hughley-

Adrian Llañez-

The staff can also be reached by phone at 575.646.4415

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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