Corbett Center Brings Fun Activities to NMSU

By Salina Madrid

Corbett Center Student Union at New Mexico State University is putting the fun back into education.

“We are doing a lot of things, specifically with the students in mind, with a lot of programming for them,” said Kassie Ckodre, the Corbett Center Program Specialist. “We just want students to have fun while being in a safe environment.”

Ckodre’s goal is to make Corbett Center a place where students feel comfortable. She wants it to be a place where they can discover and create new things.

The Aggie Lounge, a newer addition to the student union, has become very popular, according to Ckodre.

Photo Courtesy: Darren Phillips

“It is an awesome space, there are always people in there. Whether they’re studying, hanging out on the couches, or coming in to watch T.V., it’s a nice place to be,” Ckodre said. “It’s been fun for me to watch students enjoy and utilize what we have here.”

Though Ckodre has only been the program specialist for a little over a year, she has already created numerous events.

“Crafts at Corbett is a program that I started when I first got hired last August. I wanted to find something fun for students to do once a month that they could put in their dorms or take back home with them,” said Ckodre.

She also assembled a new event called Balleyball, where students can play volleyball, but with exercise balls.

Along with that, Corbett Center also offers a variety of private study rooms on the second floor for students to utilize. This is a newer addition to Corbett that has been very helpful.

All of these things are inclusive within student’s tuition.

“Everything we do here is free,” said Ckodre. “We don’t charge our students to go utilize places like the game room or Aggie Lounge, whereas a lot of other universities do. What we are doing here Corbett is a good way for students to see really what their tuition is going towards.”

Corbett Center is looking forward to their newest addition, “The Snooze Saloon,” which is also known as the nap room.

They have no set date for when “The Snooze Saloon” will be opening, but they hope it will be fairly soon.

Ckdore wants students to stay connected with what’s going on in Corbett so they don’t miss out on what’s happening.

For more information on events taking place in Corbett Center Student Union call (575)-646-4411.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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