Voting Hits Home

By Courtney Beck

NMSU students thinking that voting does not apply to them could be wrong. Once instance is the NMSU Graduate program, which is a group of students that are directly affected by how and who voters decide on.

President of the Graduate Student Council Adam Amador Photo Courtesy: Graduate Council

President of the Graduate Student Council at NMSU, Adam Amador, stated his plea for young voters to take the opportunity and privilege to go out and vote. When asked how graduate students are affected from voting, Amador said,” One of the things that we always find interesting is the land grants mission and graduate education here at New Mexico State.”

” I think a lot of students really do not understand how the land grant institution and graduate education work through the Legislate. People tend to think of this university functioning like other universities even private universities and forget that a lot of our funding comes through te legislator, our state representatives, and allocations.”

Amador was also in Santa Fe as a part of the Student Advocacy Board for the last legislative session. “I got a real intricate baptism into how it works. Seeing the ins and outs of higher end and how higher it is funded.”

A vital piece of voting is knowing what the voting is for and what that vote is choosing to support. Education platforms are very important to political elects, because they understand that their future of political fame lies in the hands of younger voter, who are in the stage of life worried about the financial aspect of higher education.

“Now that we have gone into performance based funding in higher education, it takes a toll, because there is a little bit of control that the university has over where people go to school or graduate and how and when they graduate. ”

“That effects university funding on one half. However, on the other half, here in New Mexico, we run into the big revenue depletion where we base our economy on oil revenue, which is deeply impacting the university right now.”

With the budget cuts that the NMSU graduate program is facing, student voting is without a doubt more important now then in past years. Amado says that the program faces voting problems as well, due to the fact that over half of their graduate students are international.

“I think a lot of grad students come in, maybe who are here on assistance who are here on campus, that may not be from New Mexico. They could be involved with either party, but their influence can only go so far because they do not have the ability to vote, unless they claim citizen ship here in New Mexico.”

President Amador, like many others, feel the need to get out and vote. Not only does voting effect the United States as whole, but also affect NMSU and students potential futures in graduate programs whether they are with NMSU or not. Voting is a basic right for all Americans 18 years and older and should be utilized to make a difference in the community.

Amador believes that particsipatig in this democratic right can only be a positive, “We have to get out and vote…You can only be an activist for so long but you have to go do things with that … I think voting is just part of being a good citizen. It is part of being a good American, and at the end of the day your vote is your voice.”

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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