Homecoming is Just Days Away: What the Health and Social Services Team is Doing

By Courtney Beck

Homecoming Parade: October 1, 2016 at 10:00am, University Ave.

With October being just around the corner, NMSU students are preparing for the annual Homecoming Parade. The parade is a popular event that is held on the day of homecoming, which this year is Saturday, October 1, 2016 on University street.

The street is closed off in the morning for homecoming floats, organizations, cheerleader, and the Aggie pride Band to show their NMSU pride to all how attend the parade.

NMSU fraternities and sororities make floats every for the parade, and organizations throughout the college are also involved the displaying what they love and work so hard for on a float of their own.

One organization that is making a statement in the parade are the CHSS Council & Student Ambassadors. Erika Talamantes, Treasurer for the Student Ambassadors, is excited and ready to take on the Homecoming festivities and hard work.

When asked about how she and her team are feeling about their float progress, Talamantes reported, “The float is coming along great! We are all very excited to be working on it. There are so many creative ideas we have and can not wait to see the finish product. ”

Participants of the parade are all incorporating and taking to heart the theme of Homecoming this year, “There’s No Place Like Home”.

Talamante’s response to the theme was, “We absolutely love the theme! It allows us to display different perspectives of what it means to us. We all see NMSU as our home thus we incorporated a lot of it into our float. ”

” As a group we all loved the idea because the theme means different things to all of us. This theme allows us to express different perspectives of “There is no Place Like Home.” Overall our group focused on and incorporated themes of New Mexico, the University, and the College of Health and Social Services into the float, as for us these are some of the things that represents home.”

The Homecoming Parade is great fun and an opportunity for clubs ad organizations to get their name out to the public. However, the clubs and organizations participating in the parade are in a competition to see who can win for building and designing the best float. “In the past the Student Ambassadors have always made an effort to participate in the float. I am very proud to say that last year we won our category. We look forward to being a competitive group again this year. This year we are also collaborating the CHSS Council on the float. They are part of our group at the college and what better way to represent the theme than to be working as a family. ”

What does it mean for CHSS Council & Student Ambassadors organization to be this years Homecoming Parade?

“Being in the parade helps our organizations (CHSS Council & Student Ambassadors) in many ways. It especially allows us to be active members of the NMSU family. Our college focuses, promotes, and provides services related to health. For us being in the float helps us get our organizations’ recognition to allows us to further provide services to our community. For instance, as I mentioned earlier last year we won our category and were awarded with funds for our organization. This has allowed us to participate and offer our services to many more individuals in our community. ”

What are you looking forward to in this years Homecoming Parade?

“I am very excited to see our end results on the float! We are all working hard to best display what “There is No Place Like Home” means to us. This year we were very excited to be able to patriciate in many different homecoming events. We were able to donate items for the Silent Auction, The Council is working hard on decorating our door, and we all are looking forward to participating in the Car Chalking event. Many of us are using our personal vehicles to spread the word on upcoming homecoming events. ”

Events like the Homecoming Parade, provide the opportunity for students of all walks of life to come together and be apart of something bigger than just attending the college.

There are great opportunities all over campus to join and become part of something bigger than just attending classes and doing the same routine everyday.

Organizations and clubs like CHSS Council & Student Ambassadors, are always looking for more students to join and become part of the family.

To get involved with the CHSS Council & Student Ambassadors, you can contact Sarah Baker at sjbaker@nmsu.edu or Erika Talamantes at erika32@nmsu.edu

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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