Homecoming- What it Means For Students

By: Luigi “Luigi” Finston

Homecoming has been a tradition at NMSU since 1926 and allows for alumni and current students to show their school spirit and pride.

Student organizations are in the process of building their floats for the Homecoming parade and spending afternoons and late nights constructing them.

The school itself takes a considerable amount of time to prepare and get ready as well. With departments and colleges, such as the College of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and the College of Business wanting to be represented at homecoming, it is a school effort to get everyone in the mood and spirit for the homecoming feeling.

Greek Life historically has stolen the show during homecoming with their float ideas and skit performances. Every fraternity and sorority is required to put in time to produce float.

By adding chants, songs, acts and dances to their float, the goal is to come up with something original and memorable.

The term homecoming speaks for itself, by implementing that graduates and alumni returning back “home” to the university from which they graduated from.

It provides them with the opportunity to reconnect with some of their old classmates and friends as well as catch up after potentially many years of separation.

“Homecoming is in the name” said Steven Garcia, senior at NMSU and past participants in the homecoming parade float with the Newman Center in previous years.

“It’s aimed towards alumni who are returning to the school” Garcia said, “To re-experience their college days and see how things have changed.”

With homecoming, there is of course the prime event: the football game.

“The event itself I feel is targeted more toward alumni then the current student body. But I think it’s great that the student body gets involved with events … it shows the alumni that there still is life at this University.”

Additionally, “Keep State Great” is an annual community service event that takes place before the week of homecoming.

Students, alumni, faculty and staff commit their time to cleaning up and keeping the NMSU Campus a clean and safe environment. Some of the projects include, cleaning, painting, and picking up trash on the NMSU campus.

However, there are also some students that often times do not participate in the homecoming week and everything it entails. One student is Dante Avalos, a junior at NMSU studying Biochemistry, who says he has rarely participated in the festivities, “The only thing I’ve ever done pertaining to homecoming, was attend a parade two years ago” he says. “Other than that, I don’t hear much about it.”

Yet Avalos believes that this could be a bad misrepresentation, particularly due to the fact his department does not emphasis the event as much.

“Then again I could be looking in the wrong places, but when it comes to the chemistry and biochemistry department, one doesn’t really see an emphasis on it.”



Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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