There’s No Place Like Homecoming

By: Salina Madrid

New Mexico State University will come together to celebrate years of Aggie tradition the last week of September through October for homecoming.

“This year we are trying to do everything bigger. We want to have better events so that we have more people, more participation, more school spirit, which helps our football team and all in all it just makes it a better overall campus experience,” said Collin Luschei, the Assistant Director of Activities for ASNMSU.

The 2016 theme is “There’s No Place Like Home.” ASNMSU hopes that it will bring back wonderful memories, generate open interpretation, and provide many great showcases.

They have been working closely with the Alumni Association of NMSU to plan traditional homecoming events and are hoping to make every event, just as meaningful for them.

“The alumni really like to come back for homecoming, so we are trying to make each event as enjoyable and authentic as possible,” said Luschei.

Activities will include reunions for the graduating classes of 1956 and 1966, along with many others.

The alumni are encouraged to be involved in all the events for the week. On September 29th there will be an event dedicated strictly to alumni, where they will be able to come back to the school and converse with students about their lives and time at NMSU.

You can still register for this event online at ASNMSU’s Homecoming page.

ASNMSU hopes that everyone including, students, faculty, alumni, and the community will get involved for these events.

“I think that it is really important for students to realize that Homecoming is put on by ASNMSU, which is completely separate from the university,” said Ismael Torres, the Chief of Staff for ASNMSU. “NMSU is very helpful within allowing us to put on our events, but in many ways we coordinate this all on our own for the students and to benefit them. We make alumni a priority, but ultimately the events that we put on are for the students.”

Homecoming week is put on primarily by students, who have positions directed towards campus activities.

“Being students, it helps us to know what students like and what their interests are. If we were older people trying to put on these events, we wouldn’t be in the loop. We aren’t afraid to ask students what they want to see and we try our best to give those things to them because our goal is to mostly benefit them,” said Luschei.

All proceeds this year are going straight to Cowboys for Cancer Research in Las Cruces.

“We’re trying to keep the funds on campus as well as donating to a good cause,” said Luschei.

During the 2015 homecoming week, ASNMSU raised around 750 dollars.

This year there goal is to raise more money by having higher participation at all events.

“We’re trying to reach a few thousand dollars because some of our silent auction gifts are worth a lot of money. And the more money we donate, the better it is for the cause,” said Luschei.

On Wednesday, September 28, a silent auction will be held, which is the newest event to homecoming week.

They chose to add this event in hopes to raise more money.

“It is going to be really big,” said Luschei. “We’ve been doing pretty well and are going to have close to 50 items including stuff like gift cards, gift baskets, and even diamonds. Everyone will be able to come have a bidding war.”

A lot of preparation goes into these events, especially the parade, which takes place on Saturday October 1.

“We’re just trying to get as many participants as possible, trying to make it bigger and better than last year,” said Luschei.

Putting together a homecoming float, directed towards the theme, takes a lot of time and effort. But for Greek Life, it is something that they have done for years.

“We work together to include everyone and to get the job done,” said Talia Sacco, the Homecoming Chair of Chi Omega at NMSU. “We all have the same goal in mind, which helps to complete it all.”

The process of homecoming entails a sorority partnering up with a fraternity to combine their efforts and build a float together.

“What I like most about it is that it’s a time where you can see people, you might not always get the chance to see because of crazy schedules. Also, being paired up with another chapter gives us the opportunity to meet new people,” said Sacco. “Homecoming is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at NMSU.”

ASNMSU understands that these events can be time consuming, but the more effort that people put into them, will only increase the awareness and strength of being an Aggie.

This is one of NMSU’s longest standing traditions that the university gets to put on for the community.

“I think our hope is that we provide students with some fun events while inspiring student spirit on campus,” said Matt Bose, the President of ASNMSU. “Events like car smash have been around for so long and it’s just so great to see students get involved.”

Also, don’t forget about the football game on Saturday, October 1, where the Aggies will take on the Louisiana Raging Cajuns.

Clear your schedule for a week full of festivities.

For more information or further questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact ASNMSU’s Director of Activities, Thomas Douglas at (575)-646-4415 or by email at

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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