Student Navigators Help Navigate the Way

By: Courtney Beck

Luis “Luigi” Finston contributed to this report.

As an incoming freshman at NMSU, organizations such as the Student Success Navigators are pathing the way for students to reach their full potential.

The role of Student Navigators is get students on track with their college experience while trying to build a connection with them. The main objective is to develop a relationship. Students usually have a Navigator during their freshman and sophomore years.

“Navigators are more peer mentor based ” Keyonna Moore, a student success navigator and a graduate student in the Education College, said. “We [navigators] are here as people who have gone through the journey of college and received our degrees, and help underclassman though their experiences as students.”

There are currently 25 navigators, with three full time staff members and 22 grad assistants. This also includes 11 new graduate assistants hired to work with this year’s freshmen class.

Navigators duties range from adding a support system during midterm week, to even giving tips on how to put together a good budget for students.

All incoming freshman, in their first semester, are assigned to a navigator, with the intention of them serving as a mentor that can set them up for academic, personal, or career success.

“Having a navigator is ensuring to me as a student that there is someone I can go to if I have questions about school” Anthony Kennedy, a sophomore who is in his second year with a student success navigator, said.

“Many of the freshman coming here are afraid to ask questions or even go to tutoring” Moore said, “We like to say ‘It’s okay to ask questions, we aren’t supposed to know everything the first day”.

The program offers variety of different events, particularly with the opportunity to meet one on one with their assigned navigator every few week, to go over the students progress up to that point.

Freshman and sophomores receive unique attention and services given that they are at different points in their academic progress.

“As a freshman, I think it was important and very beneficial, it helped me stay on track and really understand the ropes behind the University” Kennedy said.

They will also be inviting you to events, social activities, and workshops to help students transition into their next phase of education.

Moore says that this kind of responsibility is very rewarding in more ways than one, “When people start off, they are shy or intimidated, but once they get used to it, they are much more comfortable and it is great to see.”

For more information regarding Student Navigators at NMSU, visit

Author: nmsuroundup

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