Take Advantage of all NMSU has to Offer

By: Courtney Beck

Tens of thousands of students attend New Mexico State University each year, but how many of those students are taking advantage of all the amenities the school has to offer? Many students attend their classes on campus, but they leave right after that not taking advantage of anything else on campus. It is one thing to attend school, but another thing to be a part of what going on at NMSU.

The Corbett Student Union Building is a great place to get involved and be a part of something bigger than just school work. Whether it is to catch a bite with friends, conduct study groups, or attend fun interactive activities, Corbett is the place to be NMSU and not just attend the college.

To help students get connected, the Corbett Student Union provided various activities throughout the month for students to attend and de stress, while also meeting new people and becoming involved.

Corbett aids to the stress of students and promotes an activity called ‘Paint the Stress Away’. Held in the Corbett Aggie Lounge, students get the chance to paint their worries of school and get a chance to interact with others, and meet new people.

Studying can also get lonely, and Corbett has a fix to that was well. There are study rooms on the second floor of the building for people to meet at a group and work together to relive some of the stress of homework and studying alone. Corbett is also open on the weekdays from 7am-12 o’clock midnight, so that everyone can have the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities.

After the homework and studying are finished, itโ€™s time to play. The new Corbett Game Room is a great place to play the stress away. With billiards, ping pong, air hokey, and more, the center provides students with the opportunities to hang out and relax.

The Corbett Fitness room is located right next to the game room and is also free to NMSU students. Not everyone wants to go to the AC to work out, so it is nice to have a smaller version right in the center of campus to get a quick workout in and continue the day.

Finding a community to share life with and grow with in the college years is healthy and can help make living away from family more enjoyable.

To stay updated with what is going on with the NMSU Corbett Center Student Union, students can follow them on all major social medias.


Contact Information: Facebook: /NMSU.CCSU, Twitter: @corbettcente, Instagram: NMSU_Corbett_Center Email: ccsu.nmsu.edu Phone: 575-646-4411

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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