The “Snooze Saloon”

By: Salina Madrid

Corbett Center Student Union at NMSU is making students rest a priority.

“The Snooze Saloon,” which is also known as the nap room, is in full effect at the university.

This is collaboration between Corbett Center and ASNMSU, which opened last week.

“We have cots for students to sleep in, ASNMSU is donating hammocks, and we purchased giant seven-foot beanbags. We are making this space really conducive to just resting and relaxing,” Ckodre said.

The room will have very minimal lighting and a staff person will be present at all times to see if students need anything. Each person will be provided with fresh linens, eye masks and a disposable pillow. The time limit will be one-hour max per student.

Corbett Center’s student program assistants will supervise the room and make sure that the room stays as clean as possible, so that it is a good clean environment for the student to be in.

“Right now, students are sleeping really anywhere they can find space. So by having a place specifically designed for rest, will be very beneficial and helpful. Students can get the rest that the need then go about their day hopefully feeling a little better,” Ckdore said.

The Rules and Expectations for the room are as followed: 

* Snooze Spaces are for napping only. No games, texting, emails, shows or movies are allowed on phones, IPads, tablets or laptops. All electronics must be set to ‘Silent’ mode.

* Spaces are available to current NMSU students only on a first come, first-served basis.

* Spaces are available for up to 60 minutes. You can leave earlier if need be. A private alarm must be set on vibrate to wake you but not disturb anyone else snoozing.

* Due to the great demand for Snooze Spaces, you must exit the room after your time has expired. If you wish to snooze longer, you must get in line and sign in again.

* If you wish to listen to your own music, you can do so using headphones. Volume must be kept at a minimum. If the staff can hear your music, you will be asked to lower the volume. If you do not comply, you will be asked to leave the room.

* Only bottled water is allowed in the Snooze Saloon. Absolutely no food.

* Keep shoes on at all times.

* Keep your belongings near your Snooze Space. If you need to leave the room for whatever reason, you must take your belongings with you.

* Corbett Center is not responsible for any items left or unattended.

* If you are snoring, we will wake you up!

* At the end of your snooze, remove pillowcase from pillow and place all linen in hamper.

* You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and removing all personal items when leaving the Snooze Saloon. Any items left behind will be placed in the Lost and Found, located at the Information Desk.

IMG_7944.JPGThe room is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To take a snooze in the “Snooze Saloon,” check out a space at the front desk, which is located in room 228 of Corbett Center.

According to Ckdore, ASNMSU President Matt Bose is the one who brought the idea to NMSU.

“The inspiration for this nap room really came from a seminar I attended this summer,” Bose said. “The topic of the seminar was sleep deprivation and how it is one of the fastest growing epidemics for our age group. Hearing this I was determined to find a way to combat this problem.”

Brandon Gaille, a marketing expert and blogmaster states that 7 out of every 10-college student’s say they get less than the recommended amount of sleep every night and 68 percent of students say that they have trouble falling asleep because of their academics.

“I feel that it will benefit students during the day when they have awkward gaps and don’t know what to do with their time,” Mikaela Haley said, a program assistant and student at NMSU. “Most college students don’t sleep as much as they should, so having a place to nap is probably the best thing anyone could ask for.”

This issue regarding sleep deprivation has resulted in 48 percent of students having insomnia, which negatively affects academics and concentration.

“I started reading about nap rooms and how they were popping up all around the country on college campuses. While this project is a pilot for the time being I really hope it’ll grow and become one of the most popular services we offer at the student union,” Bose said.

They are excited about this new addition and hope it will allow students to get the rest they need and will relieve stress.

“I think it’s great that Matt really wanted to bring this to the students and together we have made it happen,” Ckdore said. “We are just trying our hardest to bring more programming and things to students that maybe we hadn’t had in the past.”

Ckdore wants students to utilize the nap room and all of the incentives that Corbett Center offers.

“I really hope student’s start taking advantage of all the fun and free perks NMSU offers. I practically live in Corbett and not only do I finish all my homework, but I meet a new friendly face everyday. Remember, everyday is a good day to be an Aggie,” Haley said.

For more information on the “Snooze Saloon,” call (575)-646-4411 or email

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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