Dress for Success

By: Salina Madrid

Picking a Halloween costume can be a hard decision at times, but with all of the new movies, presidential election, and trendy styles, it makes your choice a lot easier.

This year expect to see a variety of costumes, ranging from Pokémon, to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and don’t underestimate the power of superheroes.

The top, most popular costumes this year are as followed:

1. Harley Quinn

2. Donald Trump

3. Hillary Clinton

4. Clowns

5. Pokémon

6. The Joker

7. Superheroes

8. Pirate

9. Wonder Woman

10. Witch

11. Batman

12. Star Wars

13. Mermaid

14. Princess

15. Unicorns

These costumes, among many more, can be fun to dress up as, but make sure you are capable of being comfortable.

Try to avoid wearing anything to revealing or insulting. Wearing something to scandalous may even cause a wardrobe malfunction, which is the last thing you want on this fun night. Wearing a costume that isn’t as revealing will help avoid any trouble and will make Halloween more enjoyable.

Police are recommending not to dress up as clowns this Halloween because of all the controversy and threats that have been going around. Avoid this costume and you won’t face any problems.

But most importantly, don’t be ashamed to dress up as what you want to be, just make sure you are staying cautious of what is safe and don’t forget to know your worth!

Making sure your costume is functional will result in you having a better, more memorable night that you can look back on as years pass.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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