Happy HEALTHoween

By Ethan Holbrook

With everyone getting into the Halloween spirit, New Mexico State University is helping everyone embrace their inner spookiness. This year, the WAVE program, has partnered with the women’s sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, to present “Attack in the Underground Haunted House” and “Fall Frenxi Carnival”.

Meg Long, is the program specialist for WAVE, and has been interacting and educating students since 2013. This year she is part of the team that has developed and created their haunted house.

Long and her team wants everyone to know how excited they are for this event and answered any questions students and families might have.

Why WAVE is organizing the Haunted House:

Unnamed WAVE employee: “The event is fun and is a different way to interact but also educating students about topics that can be hard to talk about. It will also be a more subtle way for the students to learn about topic such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Body Image, Drugs and Alcohol.”

Long: ” I agree with my peers, the topics WAVE educates about can be very uncomfortable for people to talk about. Threading the topics of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Body Image, Drugs and Alcohol into a Haunted House not only educates on the topics, it also shows how these issues can be happening all around someone and they do not realize they are there.”

WAVE’S purpose for this Haunted House:

“The purpose of the Haunted House is to educate NMSU students about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Body Image, and Drugs and Alcohol in a fun and nontraditional way.” How students can get involved: Students can become involved with the Haunted House through the Office of Volunteer and Community Service Office http://volunteer.nmsu.edu/events/28/haunted-house-building/ Long and her team are extra excided for the Haunted House and all of its twists they have put into it: “I love Halloween, so I am excited to see the traditional Halloween characters, but with a WAVE twist.” Unnamed WAVE team member, “The clown room! To see how people react, since it is not a typical haunted house.”

Whether you are looking for a freight or just some good Halloween fun, WAVE and Alpha Xi Delta are dedicated to making your holiday not only sweeter but a little more educational.

For more information regarding WAVE and all other events that the organization presents, you can contact Meg Long at meglong@ad.nmsu.edu or Debra Darmata the Operations Manager of WAVE at ddarmata@ad.nmsu.edu

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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