Tips To Stay Safe on Halloween

As Halloween inches closer, it is important to remember to stay safe while having fun. Though this Holiday is a memorable occasion, taking precautionary measures will help make your night more enjoyable.

Whether you’re on campus, trick-or-treating, or at a party, its always good to have some safety tips handy.

  1. Pick a Proper Costume

For the safety of yourself and others, try not to wear a costume with weapon that might be confused as a real one. This could cause problems, especially with all the clown scares this year!

  1. Have a Buddy System

Don’t go anywhere alone! Travel in a group at all times and never go with anyone you don’t know.

  1. Make Sure You Eat And Are Hydrated Before The Party

If you know you’re going to drink, make sure you have lots of water and food in your system so you don’t get too drunk too fast. Good nourishment will help your bodies blood alcohol level.

  1. Don’t Black Out

Don’t drink too much to where you can’t function! It is extremely important to stay aware of your surroundings and others at all times.

  1. Make Sure Your Phone is With You and Charged

If you get separated from your group of friends, it is important to have your phone so you can contact them. Keep it with you at all times just in case of an emergency.

  1. Keep Handy an Emergency Number

Though 911 is very useful, it is important to have your campus police phone number as well, especially if you are on or near campus. That way if an emergency happens, they can get to you or the scene sooner. Also, make sure you have campus safe-ride numbers, local taxi numbers or download the app UBER. Just in case you need a way to get home.

  • NMSU Campus Police Number: (575)-646-3311
  • Crimson Cab: (575)-524-8294
  • Pete’s Pick Up: (575)-646-1111
  • Las Cruces Taxi’s: (575)-524-8294
  1. Follow Your Gut

If you feel that you are in a bad, sketchy, negative environment, trust your gut and leave. This is probably your intuition telling you that something is wrong or not right.

  1. Keep An Eye On Your Drinks and Candy

Don’t let anyone else pour or give you a drink, because you don’t always know what could be in it. The saying, “Don’t take candy from strangers,” still is extremely effective for college students.

  1. Don’t Drink and Drive

You Drink, You Drive, You Lose! Make sure the person driving you around is completely sober for their safety and for yours. Make sure they have full attention on the road.

  1. Have Fun

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Don’t forget to make lots of memories and take lots of pictures!

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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