Keeping Faith Strong at NMSU

By: Jianna Vasquez

Chi Alpha at NMSU is making their faith a priority.

“We’re trying to provide an outlet for people to talk to God so that they can find comfort and peace and that God can really reach out to them and say I’m with you,” Michael Winters, the founder of NMSU’s Chi Alpha chapter said.

The organizations goal is to reach university students to help them grow and learn about the Christian faith at NMSU.

They want to share their love for Christ with other people in hopes that they will find that too.

“We want students to know that Jesus loves you, and cares about you, and wants to have a relationship with you. Its not a sterile like check list, its not mechanical, it’s a conversation,” Christina Winters, a small group leader of the organization said.

Chi Alpha tables every Tuesday to give prayers to people in need of them.

“All kinds of people have come up to me and have asked me to pray for them over many things, even outside of school,” Michael Winters said.

The organization meets every Thursday night, in Domenci Hall in room 109 at 8:00 p.m. for a large group service in hopes to educate the NMSU community.

“We want people to know about Chi Alpha, and we want more people to know about Jesus,” Christina Winter said. “We want them to know that their hurting can be fixed and that there’s hope.”

They strive to make sure everyone has a place in their organization and is welcomed.

Their open motto is, “Reaching the University to reach more than the University,” and they try to live by that every day.

“We want it to be a community, and a support group. We want to just hang out together and be there for each-other. We want it to be a family like feeling and always be welcoming in more people, no matter what their beliefs are,” Michael Winters said.

Chi Alpha has chapters at 312 universities across the country. NMSU’s was founded four years ago and according to Winters has been successful.

“Jesus has saved me from a lot of darkness. That’s how Chi Alpha has changed me,” Michael Winters said.

They offer a variety of mission trips for the upcoming year planned, and anyone can attend to help them get closer to Jesus. They will announce these trips starting in January.

“We try to live life together and that’s what Chi Alpha is all about,” Michael Winters said.

For more information on the organization and to get involved, contact Michael Winters at (936)-662-1560 or log on to their website at

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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