Breaking the Silence

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

With the 2016 American Presidential Election just around the corner, NMSU students are prepping themselves to hit the polls and cast their votes for who they will voting for.

Several students clearly know who they are supporting and others are a little more skeptical as to who to favor. Some students don’t even want to participate in the Election and others are voting for a Third Party Candidate.

Several students broke the silence and voiced their opinions about who they feel is more qualified to assume the presidency and their reason why they came to that conclusion.

Anissa Wright “I think that this Election has been driven out of proportion and I think that Donald Trump has been saying things just to get attention and not necessarily things that are true. I think both have been really immature candidates about everything.

I’m not voting because I don’t feel it would make a difference. If I don’t believe in either candidate, then there’s no reason to vote for someone I don’t believe in or have confidence in.”

Marco Chairez “I’m not too happy about this election. I’m not a fan of either candidate. I think both of them are just after votes and not really anything else. I don’t see them as president material.

But if I had to choose one of the candidates, I would lean a little more towards Hillary Clinton, just because she has some political background.”

Stephen Montoya “It’s a very controversial election. Both candidates in my opinion are not very desirable to run a country. On one side you have Hillary who is under investigation from the FBI. And on the other side, Trump is not professional what so ever and should never be in office. I think he has a good Vice President choice though in Mike Pence.

For the sole reason of 2nd Amendment types of things, I would vote for Trump. But in reality I would rather go 3rd party even though it’s really not going to make much of a difference.

I think Hillary however, would be better for tuition and schools, because she has more of a political background and she knows what people, especially students would want or need.”

Dustin Franco “It’s definitely an important one. This is the first election that I’ve been able to participate in and vote, so I feel that it’s important for me to educated on what’s going on. But at the same time I feel like this is one of the worst elections in America’s history.

I lean more towards Hillary Clinton because I’m very much for equality and women’s rights and I appreciate her stances on those.

In a long term point of view, I think Hilary would also benefit the student generation more so than Trump, just because she has stated that she cares about millennials and she wants to make college cheaper and make life easier for us.”

Ryan Maki “This election is unlike any other we have ever witnessed in American History. It’s pretty epic and crazy. I never in my life could have imagined that we had two candidates that we thought were so terrible. I feel as a nation we are very polarized, and it’s starting to get dangerous on both sides in my opinion. You can tell there’s more a gap and depth between the two parties and people are against each other in the most extreme mannerism.

I’ll be casting my vote for Hillary Clinton for sure. I think out of everybody in this situation she is the most deserving candidate. Especially with everything that we’ve seen throughout this election.

Something I’ve been thinking about recently however is how sad it is that we’re not comparing candidate’s platforms anymore as a voting decision, but we’re voting on who is the lesser of two evils. It’s more about their personal character rather than the choices they’ve made to better America. I think it reflects a lot on our society, and I think it’s scary because if we’re talking so much about personal character then obviously both of these candidates have some serious moral problems.”

Gerald Kehoe “I think we should get new nominees for this election. Just finding people who can actually be a president and get the job done without so much drama. We obviously don’t like either one of them. I personally don’t like Hilary or Trump with that being said.

I personally don’t want to vote in this election, but if I had to vote for one of the two, I would probably vote for Trump. I don’t find Hillary Clinton appealing as a leader or as a person. I don’t think she’s nice and she comes off self-centered and kind of annoying.”

Manny Chairez “My flat out opinion about the election is…I’ve seen better. It’s a short but blunt statement but after months of debate, I can honestly say I’ve seen better.

I stand with Hillary. I think she has good ideas and she handles her speech very well. I think she’s a great public speaker compared to her opponent. Donald Trump just likes to make people angry and have people box each other at his rallies. With Hillary I feel people tend to listen more. I think we’ll be better off with her as a leader. Add to the fact that she has a more extensive background with politics. She knows the game.

From a student point of view, I’m not sure which candidate would better represent our generation and the student generation. But I will say this. Donald Trump acts like a College Student. Now if that’s a good or bad thing…I don’t know. I’ll leave it at that.”

Raeanna Hobson “This election has made me think where did all of our great leaders go? The entire election process has been stupid. It’s not that I feel the candidates are not qualified to run a country, but neither of them are what I want America to represented as.

I’m not sure entirely yet who I’m voting for but I’m probably going to have to go for Trump. I just feel like he knows more what he’s doing and how to be successful financially.”

Darron Cook “Overall I would say that I’m not generally enthused by the options that we have. On one hand we have someone who is extremely dangerous with Donald Trump. And on the other hand you have someone who is extremely corrupt. Not happy with either one. But I leaned more to the lesser of two evils.

I voted early and cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. The reason being she’s been the secretary of state, she was a senator, and she’s much more qualified then Donald Trump. I saw something really interesting recently. It said that Donald Trump is everything wrong with our culture and Hillary Clinton is everything wrong with our government. I thought that was pretty fitting. But I still believe that even though Clinton may not have a good track record she has an impressive background and extensive experience which only aids her cause. I think Donald Trump is a complete idiot. And he has no plan. He just repeats the same crap over and over again in his rallies and blurts out “Make America Great Again”. It gets old.

Steven Garcia “It’s an interesting election. It’s some of the stuff we’ve seen before in previous elections, just with different players this time. And some of it is new stuff. But it’s dramatic.

I’m probably going to vote for Gary Johnson. Even though his education perspectives are not the best, he is making a new attempt. He was the Governor who instituted the Legislative Lottery Program that helped a lot of New Mexico students go to college. So even though his position on certain education points of view are out of the box, he’s done a lot of good for education reform that effected New Mexico.

Given the other two primary choices, I just think he is the best candidate for a student generation. I think that Gary Johnston at least has a plan of action. I haven’t really heard too much about education from the other two.”

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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