Can it be Thanksgiving break yet?

By: Derek Gonzales

We are officially in the dog days of the Fall semester. The excitement from school starting is over and homecoming is long gone. The football team has hit a lull and the tailgate fun has passed. It is two weeks away from Thanksgiving break, but for most New Mexico State students, it cannot come soon enough.

“I have homework every single night, and it is getting to the point where I cannot even see my friends or girlfriend anymore,” Ryan Maez, a 20-year-old computer science major said. “The homework is so rigorous, and it is just exhausting. I am excited for the Thanksgiving break, but the stress will just be there when school starts up again. I won’t actually feel better until the semester ends.”

With mid-terms ending about two weeks ago and final exams approaching at the beginning of December, it is important that students use the Thanksgiving break to mentally and physically press the reset button, but some will use the break to catch up on bills and do things that cannot usually do during the school week.

“I am going to pick up extra shifts at work, and will use that extra money to get me through finals week when I really will be studying hard and getting my shifts covered,” Rachael Abramson said. The 22-year-old accounting major is also excited to spend time with her family, who she rarely gets to see during the semester.

“It’s my favorite time of the year honestly. I am able to spend time with my parents and sister, and the pressure of school and getting good grades goes away, even if it just for a week.”

The Fall semester is 15 weeks long, nearly four months, and this week marks the 11th week since school has been in session. Maez said that what helps him get through the semester is by looking forward to his sports teams play.

“Usually the hardest part of the semester is August to the beginning of September. There is no college football, no NBA basketball, just baseball. And those baseball teams are just going through the motions at that point because they have already played 100 or more games. So once college football starts, the Aggies start playing and you start looking forward to tailgates and the semester just takes off after that, and next thing you know, it is winter break. It makes the homework and exams worth it to be able to get this kind of college experience.”

We are almost to the finish line, so look forward to the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie waiting for you at home and use it as your motivation to get through the next couple of weeks.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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