NMSU Safe Sex Story

By: Isaiah Silva

New Mexico State University ranks as a one of the top safe sex schools on Trojan’s Annual Sexual Health Report Card.

On the report card, NMSU ranked 109th on the list of 200 Universities, which is 3 higher than what they ranked last year.

Every year, Trojan ranks universities on the amount of sexual health resources and information available to students. The independent research firm, Sperling’s Best Places, analyzes 140 major college campuses from across the country. Their grading system is dependent on 11 different types of criteria, which include: STI testing, condom availability, and contraceptive availability.

Because of their concentration on safe sex education, The University of Georgia took the top spot on the list. Their focus was contraceptive availability, HIV/STI testing and sex health resources on campus.

On their campus, being open about sexual health is normal, and something that they try to focus on. The University has made vast improvements in a short time. They were ranked at #14 in 2014 on the same list.

“Sex affects two people, not just one, so you have to think not only about yourself, but your partner as well.” Jazmine Benavidez, 20, a junior at NMSU said.

At NMSU, in order to promote sexual health awareness, there are many resources available to students.

The University provides free STD/HIV screenings at the Campus Health Center. There is also a women’s health doctor that works within the health center. Condoms are available for free or at a discounted rate for students as well.

Students at NMSU were open to talking about safe sex and why they choose to practice it.

“It’s important to practice safe sex because not only is it preventing STD’s and the spreading of them, but also one’s health,” Vanessa Barrio, 20, a junior at NMSU said.

“Everyone’s health is important and that shouldn’t be overlooked just because someone wants to have sexual pleasure.”

Everyone interviewed had the same views on practicing safe sex and felt it is important.

Dustin Franco, 20, a junior here at NMSU, had this piece of advice to share with his peers, “Be safe because you don’t know what other people have done, that’s why you need to practice safe sex.”

According to the Better Health Channel, statistics show that one in four college students have had intercourse without using a condom and only 40% students always use condoms.

Trojan Condoms is America’s #1 condom company and donated more than 100,000 condoms to schools in 2016 throughout the United States. They are made of premium latex and if used correctly can help reduce the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.

Safe sex is a cautious route to take. For more tips and information on safe sex, contact the Campus Health Center at (575)-646-1512.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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