Election Results

By: Isaiah Silva

With 279 electoral votes, Donald J. Trump became the President-Elect of the United States Wednesday morning.

Trump was able to surpass the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the Presidency, despite losing the popular vote to democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who ended the election with roughly 228 electoral votes in her favor.

While the results were being released the nation was split between the two candidates. Each won a state by either a landslide or as close as a point, which was essentially as few as a thousand votes in some places.

In the state of Michigan, Trump won by exactly one point, with 97.54 percent precincts reporting. In Nevada, however, Clinton had 47.8 percent of the vote while Trump had 45.7 percent.

“He started a movement throughout the United States, though it may not have been worded the way a politician would word it, I think he used the media to be covered a lot.” Samantha Morales, a senior at NMSU said.

Trump supporters are ecstatic that their candidate, who began his journey to the White House in June of 2015, came out victorious. Clinton supporters, on the other hand, essentially mourned the results. Messages on social media, blogs, news outlets and other sources came from many people asking Americans to come together and help the country move forward peacefully.

“I think that we as a country should all unite because I was prepared for Hillary to win. I wasn’t going to say any hateful stuff, nothing like that, and I just feel we kind of deserve that kind of respect.” Morales said.

Once the results were out, both candidates congratulated each other on their campaign; albeit Clinton sending her entire watch party of supporters home for the night just minutes before she called to congratulate President-Elect Trump.

“Now it is time for all Americans to bind the wounds of division,” Trump said during his victory speech. “It is time for us to come together as one united people.”

Clinton offered to work with Trump during her concession speech Wednesday morning. She thanked her supporters while saying they “Must accept this result and look to the future.”

Most predictions gave Trump a narrow path to 270. However, he was able to pull off victories in states that had previously leaned towards a Democratic candidate, including the swing states of Ohio and Florida.

According to Yale’s Ray Fair, which used economic factors and the Democratic Party’s time in office to make projections, he predicted that Trump would win 56 percent of the vote.

According to the Wall Street Journal, about 130 million Americans were expected to cast their vote in what was considered the most unpredictable election to date.

Many voters lacked confidence in each candidate.

Supporters of Clinton had been very vocal about their opinions regarding the results.

“I feel like Trump is an all around bad person, I feel like he has no good intentions for this country.” Jocelyn Jimenez, a sophomore at NMSU said. “Hillary was under federal investigation, which made me uneasy, but then when you look at everything Trump did it’s like I would rather have that than what he wants. No one is perfect.”

According to the Associated Press, at publication time, Clinton led by about 175,000 votes. Although Clinton had more votes, Trump won more states and the states he won carried more electoral votes.

Morales says despite the election being over, Americans still have plenty to be proud of, “We as Americans should embrace our diversity- politically, religiously, and racially- this election has come to an end, and let’s see what the next four years have to come. We’ll see how they turn out.”

Donald Trump’s inauguration into office will be held on Friday, January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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