Food Truck Mania

By: Salina Madrid

Have you ever wanted a good, quick meal? Well food trucks are the place to be. Whether you are on your lunch break or just exploring new things, you won’t be disappointed.

You can never go wrong with a sandwich, but if you want to spice things up a bit head over to 138 Sandwiches located at the Farmers Market on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“We specialize in sandwiches, that’s what we do. Almost everything we make is sandwiches. We try to take flavors that people like put them into a sandwich. Our goal is to break the mold of what people think of as a sandwich,” said Ben Wood, the owner of 138 Sandwiches.

They don’t just make the typical ham and cheese sandwich but make sandwiches you’ve probably never heard of. They make sandwiches from a pozole sandwich, a Cuban sandwich all the way to a chorizo burger.

Working in a food truck is a different environment than working in a restaurant, but workers seem to love it.

“My favorite part about working in a food truck is the creative freedom we have. The ability to have a restaurant and to completely focus on the food is incredible.” said Mina Smith, who works at 138 Sandwiches. “We don’t have to worry about servers making sure people are happy because we are not only the cooks, but the servers and cleanup crew as well.”

Another popular food truck in Las Cruces is The Greenhaus. They serve tasty, healthy, delicious food of all kinds. From breakfast, lunch, coffee, sandwiches and smoothies, they have it all.

Greenhaus owner Ana Ordaz decided to start her own food truck after she went to culinary school and studied restaurant hospitality.

Eating healthy is very popular and Ordaz’s food truck focuses on that.

“I like to eat healthy and I think that is where the trend is going. Living in a place with farms we are so lucky because I am able to use local beef, chicken and eggs,” said Ordaz.

The Greenhaus Food Truck is all over town, so make sure to stay up to date on where they are at to get some naturally good, healthy and delicious food.

Another great food truck is called The Luchador, located at the Farmers Market Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Luchador is ready give you a food experience like you’ve never had before.

“My best-friend and I Otilio Reyes, decided we wanted to start our own food truck and here we are,” said Ivan Saenz, one of the owners of The Luchador.

“We always try to difference our selves on different levels. Not only is our name fun but all of our menu items are named after wrestlers,” said Saenz. “The stuff that we grew up loving to eat when we’d go to Mexico, is the best food we’ve ever had and we want to share that with everyone.”

But how did they get this interesting name?

“The name is a nostalgic thing for us. My parents are Mexican so growing up I grew up with the cheesy old Mexican wrestler movies and I’d like to play around with the Mexican wrestlers. It is a fun name and that is why we chose it,” said Saenz.

To keep up with The Luchador, make sure you follow them on Facebook for more information.

To find more food trucks, head on down to our local Farmers Market to fulfill your taste buds needs.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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