Is Thanksgiving Break Something to Give Thanks About?

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

Is Thanksgiving break such a good thing? How could it not be right? We take time to visit our families, eat great food, and take time away from our studies to catch up on lost sleep.

But upon returning, do students slack off? Do they lose their focus after a break? How do students get back on track after a week of bliss and relaxation?

Students like Sante Guajardo love Thanksgiving break, not only because they get to return home, but because it is a moment when families are together after a long period of separation.

“Being able to see my family, sitting around the table, and having an actual meal together means a lot to me” Guajardo says,“I don’t get to do that very often. It’s a time of connection, memories, and a time to chill out.”

Even with the happy vibes, Guajardo still keeps himself occupied and busy. As a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, the Advertising Club (Ad Fed), several other organizations and school, Guajardo said he does not have time for slack.

“It depends on you as a student”, he said.

“If you’re a studious person and have a lot of homework to do at the time, then you should do it, or get it done ahead of time. There’s a good amount of time to catch up and get what needs to be done before finals kick in.”

Guajardo stressed the importance of having a solid mindset when returning following the break. Since there are only two weeks of school left by that point, it is very easy to become distracted.

“From my point of view, I’m well aware that I have finals and several assignments due that last week. I know that it’s time to buckle down and get ready for the end of the semester. I feel more motivation over the break and come back working harder.”

Students are not the only ones who take the opportunity to vacation or return home. Professors take time to enjoy the holiday season as well. The question that professors might ask themselves is, will students return with a hard working mentality.

Kaylie Martinez is a Journalism major who admits that it’s easy to lose focus. “It’s a double edged sword. The break can be bad because it’s very easy to slack off and become lazy. But I myself tend to have a serious loss in focus when I come back from the break though.”

“I think professors are aware that students are coming back from a break and they aren’t going to be all there” Martinez said, “Whether they take that into consideration as far as grading, I don’t think they care. I think they expect us to be adults about it and get out stuff done and return ready for more”

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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