A Slow Kind of Fast


By: Albert Luna

Have you ever heard the saying “time flies while you’re having fun”? As if time itself will give us the courtesy of changing speeds based on how we are feeling in a particular situation. According to a 2005 report out of the University of Munich, which surveyed many people towards their later years in life (75 and above), the time period that went by the “fastest” was between the ages of 18-24. It’s ironic that during a time when virtually everyone across campus is pegged with an uncertain future after leaving this campus, which could bring with it worry and stress, that college aged students are essentially the happiest of the aged groups. For the first time in all of my semesters in college, this is the first time I, and many other people here on The Round Up staff, can say” Where did the time go.” One thing that I hope is for certain for you, the readers, is that your time did not go to waste. This semester at The Round Up brought with it 13 issues in all, covering anything from sports, money, to, of course, the Presidential Election. We worked hard, since our full staff reported on August 1st, to give a once dying college publication the revival it properly deserved. The Round Up has been around since 1907, think about that for a minute, it really does carry some significant weight. As an entity, we have taken our fair share of adversity this semester but I am proud to say that we never missed what really mattered, the reader and getting out relevant NMSU related content. Sometimes, when you are trying to build from scratch, these things take time to perfect, and we recognize that. If you have been a recurring reader of us at any point this semester, just know that I deeply would like to thank you and your support. We really would not be lucky enough to have these jobs if it wasn’t for the readers. Finally, to all first-time readers and people still on the fence if they ever want to pick up an issue again, I urge you to check us out next semester, you never know what you might find. Yes, time is moving fast, and it is our job to report, journal, analyze and produce all of these memories, good or bad, that are being made. Merry Christmas to you all and we will see you for issue fourteen of The Round Up.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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