Not Too Cool For Summer School

By: Isaiah Silva

There is still a lot of time before summer arrives. However, colleges are already planning which courses will be offered during the summer. Due to budget cuts, the amount of classes offered could be affected.

Colleges are still in the beginning stages of planning summer classes.

“We have now drafted the schedule for this coming summer and it looks to me like, well we have put together a draft that probably has about as many courses as we’ve offered previously,” Kathy Brook, Academic Associate Dean in the College of Business, said.

Most of the courses that will be offered in the seven undergraduate colleges will be core classes; for the College of Business, classes to fulfill the Viewing a Wider World requirement will also be offered.

“We are trying to identify whether we have the resources to teach those courses. In our case, we have some faculty lines that have become vacant and that has provided us with some funding” Brook said, “We have some courses that where we have alternative revenues, we have some special course fees that we are going to use to fund those courses.”

In the College of Education, it sounds like similar plans will be carried out. They are planning to have all of their core classes for the Masters program offered and one undergraduate course.

Many students rely on Summer School schedule releases to assist them in determining what courses to take not just in the summer, but in the Spring Semester as well, with the deadline to add the Spring classes closing soon.

“Most of our incoming students start off with the core classes that is why we offer them. And the undergrad course, that one makes it because we offer it online and we offer it to other students like off campus. We accommodate Carlsbad, Farmington and Alamogordo,” Grace Martinez, Administrative Assistant in the College of Education said.

Students can expect a good mixture of online and in-class courses available in the summer. Both have benefits that each college takes into consideration.

“The University has had some incentives to offer online classes, but they’ve also had incentives to offering classes in the summer, so those are places where depending on if the college increases its share of courses overall that are offered online, it gets some extra funding,” Brook said.

Many students take advantage of the summer courses that are held at NMSU. For many students, they are a great way to catch up on requirements and are helpful if a student wishes to graduate early.

“I need two more courses to be able to student teach in August and I have two history classes left, so I’m going to be taking history this summer.” Desiree Duarte, a senior studying Elementary Education said.

Generally, students and faculty have a positive feeling towards summer classes. By not taking a full course load, it becomes easier to focus on one subject and process the material better. A lot of the time the classes are smaller, so that is another benefit too.

“I am excited to take courses in the summer, but I will be taking them online, so I don’t think I’ll be getting an actual summer experience because it’ll just be from my computer. It would be cool to take summer courses actually in class and get to experience it that way.” Duarte said.

A common word of advice among faculty is to stay informed about summer courses if one plans to take one. Many things can change in a short amount of time, so make sure to check for information.

“I think students at this point should just try to monitor what’s happening in their colleges, and the offerings that they need. Just try to stay informed and adjust your thinking as you get more information.” Brook said.

Martinez says that utilizing the Summer can serve as a benefit to students, “ I think that they [students] should take advantage of what we have to offer in the summer. It will help them to finish quicker and I think they need to enroll right away. The key is enrolling right away because what happens is a lot of students register at the very end and they want to get in and I can’t help them.”

As mentioned, NMSU is still in the beginning stages of planning and scheduling summer courses. Dean Brook said that she thinks other colleges are still waiting to see what kind of budget changes will occur. Once those are figured out, more information will be released to students so they can see which classes their college will offer.

“The budget uncertainty is, I think, probably the biggest issue” Brook said, “But I think we are also trying to make sure students get through expeditiously and summer school is part of that.”

More information on summer courses will be released as the semester goes on. The Dean’s Office of your college could most easily answer any questions regarding summer courses.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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