Why Is Winter Break So Long?

By: Isaiah Silva

Classes have begun once again at NMSU, and it seems as if students and faculty are more motivated to make their spring semester better than the fall. A new semester often instills a new excitement and drive in students.

It will be a while before we have to worry about midterms or even finals, but students are not choosing to sit back and relax. Many have said that they are more motivated to do better this semester which includes studying more, and trying and raise their GPA’s.

“When I come back from the summer, I’m still in summer, but whenever I come back from the fall I’m always more motivated to do better than I did that first semester” Tessa Zayas, a sophomore at NMSU, said.

Many students could say that the fall semester gets a little bit tough, especially with Thanksgiving Break being so late in the semester. This could lead to grades dropping and potentially even confidence sinking.

“I just come into spring with more motivation like, ‘Get better grades than I did in the fall’,” Blake Lowary, a sophomore studying Journalism, said.

Typically, in high schools, students only get about two weeks off for winter break, but how did we get so lucky as to get a break that lasts five weeks? According to Slate Magazine, we owe it to the energy crisis of the Carter era. It ultimately became a way to reduce spending.

During the 1970s, many institutions found themselves in some financial troubles and it was predicted that as much as a fourth of the colleges would have to shut down. Extending the break helped alleviate heating costs at a time where oil prices were really high.

In the past, there were also other calendars that universities would follow. An agricultural calendar that centered around harvest times, or a religious calendar, are some examples.

Many universities make the most out of their time on break. Some will rent out their facilities for conferences, meetings, etc. Sometimes staff are furloughed during break in order to help save some money.

As crazy as it may seem, some students believe that a shorter break would benefit students more than having such a long break.

“I like a longer break, but I think academically, I think it [the break] should be shorter because we lose focus on what we’re doing,” Zayas said, “So, I definitely think it should be shorter.”

For students, going into your second semester may be tough. Fortunately, there are many students who are willing to help out with the transition from the fun of winter break into the obligations of a new semester.

“Do what you did in the first semester, just learn from your mistakes, and improve on what you think you did wrong. If you don’t think you studied enough during the fall, study harder in the spring” Lowary said.

“I think especially for the freshmen that are coming in and they’re going into their second semester and they’re all scared, I think that they should just know that its always tough your second semester,” Zayas said, “When you come back from break, its really throughout you just have to keep yourself motivated and remember why you’re getting your degree in the first place.”

The effects of break will be felt for some time, which is understandable. Students should always remember that college is a very rewarding experience, despite having to do their fair share of waiting.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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