The Importance of Friends and Community

By: Kelsey Gentile

College provides many opportunities and a chance to learn new things and try out something new. It’s pretty likely in pursuit of a degree or a new hobby it will involve other people. Having a group of friends and a group or club you meet with regularly is an awesome way to get to know people while doing something you enjoy.

There are several groups and clubs on campus that meet regularly, and that fit everyone’s needs and interests. Tuesdays are my favorite days because I get to meet up with my friends at RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). This group has provided some great opportunities for me to get to know more people, learn more spiritually and also try fun things, like learning how to ice skate. This group and other groups are fun to be part of because you get to just live life together. The best part of RUF is you get to come as you are and who you are.

Being a part of a group or club can provide something for you to look forward to in the week, especially if you hate that one class and need something to look forward to in the week. There are groups focusing in governing, cultural interests, religious, sports, greek life, and much more. There’s almost always a group or organization in front of Corbett if you ever want to learn more them.

Another plus to getting involved with a group is you can gain experience and knowledge about your interests. Often groups while have fun trips or workshops you might not otherwise get to be a part of, or get to experience.

   If you want to check out a list of NMSU student groups you can check out their website.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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