Issue #17

Dear Dusty: 

Why do women go to the restroom together?

A: If you’re not with someone you are thought to believe you are alone. And creepy dudes hang around the bathroom.

Women are strange, except for Dixie of course. We love them but sometimes they do things that make us all scratch our heads. I’ve noticed they gather like cattle to go freshen up in the ladies room and I know I’ve wondered why it takes three or more of them to do it. This is my guess: these ladies don’t want to be thought of as “alone.” This means they don’t want to give the impression they aren’t with people in a social setting. Plus, y’all, let’s be honest so people are creepy and pray on women who are alone. They seem to feel more secure and turn it into a social gathering to gussy up and gossip. Men will never know the full truth as to why this is a social norm and like anything else we will forget that we even notice they do this.

Dear Dixie:

How do you deal with loneliness in a large group of people?

A: It can be hard to tell others that ya are struggling with somethin’ like loneliness. Ya might think that no one will understand how ya feel but darlin’ don’t let feel control you. Your first step is to let people know how you’re feelin’. Y’all might connect and find that some of your friends have felt the same. Talk about what you feel instead of bottlin’ it up. If ya still feel like that isn’t enough, maybe try to kick back with a smaller group of people where the settin’ is more comfortable, you can express how you feel and those around you will help you to come out of the melancholy. Admitting loneliness to yourself isn’t a weakness one bit. It is a strength that ya have self-awareness and want to change that mindset. Don’t feel ashamed to admit how you feel because we are all more alike than we think and that thought is something to reflect on to build the courage to tell others how ya feel.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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