Aggies valiant effort falls short against Baylor

By: Derek E. Gonzales




TULSA, Okla.- For the first 20 minutes of basketball, the 14-seed New Mexico State Aggie men’s basketball team look to be every part of a team ready to play Cinderella. They were outrebounding the mighty 3-seed Baylor Bears front line that led the Big 12 in rebounding margin by three at intermission and were 6 for 14 from behind the arc. Unfortunately, in the end, the two-point halftime lead that was capped off by a Braxton Huggins 3-pointer at the buzzer was not enough, as the Aggies succumbed to a massive Baylor interior in a 93-71 loss Friday afternoon inside the BOK Center.


NMSU ends the season 28-6, breaking the school record for wins in a season that was held by the 1970 Final Four team that was coached by Lou Henson. Head Coach Paul Weir, who has kept Henson involved in the program, had the most wins in the country for a first-year head coach.


“I was talking to Coach Henson earlier in the week before we left, and coach told me ‘you’re going to have to play well but they are going to have a bit of an off night’ and we didn’t catch them on that off night,” Weir said, who in his inaugural season as a Division I head coach, won the Western Athletic Conference Tournament Championship. “They made a lot of two-point jump shots and just made a lot of plays so you got to give Baylor credit.”


The Bears (26-7) shot 19 of 32 from the field in the second half and connected on all 14 free throw attempts. Terry Maston, who came into the game averaging 6.4 points per game, kept Baylor afloat with 12 first-half points while All-American Johnathan Motley was on the bench with foul trouble. Maston and Al Freeman combined for 25 bench points for the Bears in the first half. With Motley acting as a spectator, Maston knew that he would need to step up to help avoid a third-consectutive first-round exit.




“He’s (Motley) is a really essential part of our team and they (NMSU) were giving me the mid-range jumper and I made a couple and they just kept falling for me,” Maston said, finishing with 19 points on the day, three shy of his career high.


Motley’s second-half return to the floor was felt immediately. Baylor opened up the half with a suffocating man-to-man defense that made scoring inside extremely difficult. NMSU was only able to shoot 36.7 percent in the second half as opposed to a 50 percent clip in the first. The Bears’ biggest lead was 20 with 8:43 left and outscored the Aggies in the paint 30-6 in the second half. An early 13-2 run in the second half turned a 42-38 deficit into a  51-44 lead in a game-defining stretch, as the Aggies were never able to stop the bleeding from the point on.


WAC Player of the Year Ian Baker led the Aggies with 19 points and five assists in his last game in an NMSU uniform. Baker was apart four postseason teams in his career and scored a career-high 36 points against UT-Rio Grande Valley on February 18.


“I would say my four years at New Mexico State, I had a blast,” Baker said. “I told one of these people here the other day that in a million years I would have never thought I would have ended up at New Mexico State, but it was the place for me and I’m glad ended up there.”


Tanveer Bhullar Transferring


It has been announced through an NMSU press release that center Tanveer Bhullar will be leaving the program to either join another program as a graduate transfer or playing professionally.

“Tanveer has been an absolute pleasure to coach in my time here,” Weir stated in the press release. “I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for us and we all wish him nothing but the best at his future destination.”

The younger brother of former Aggie center Sim Bhullar, the 7’2 Canadian saw a decrease in time this past season, as Paul Weir’s new uptempo style made it tough for Bhullar to carve out a role. Bhullar scored a season-high 11 points against Seattle U and recorded a season-high 10 rebounds against rival New Mexico.


NMSU slated to face Illinois next season


Coming off a school-record 28 wins and another WAC Championship, NMSU is now looking to beef up their non-conference schedule and has added a semi-neutral site game with the Illinois Illni next season. The game will take place inside the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, as a tribute game to Hall of Famer Lou Henson, who took both programs to the Final Four. UI will be under the leadership of new head coach Brad Underwood, who left Oklahoma State after just one season to replace John Groce. Groce was fired after failing to lead UI to the NCAA Tournament in four straight years. NMSU will also play in the Diamond Head Classic on the campus of the University of Hawai’i, which will feature Akron (MAC), Davidson (A-10), Miami (ACC), Middle Tennessee (C-USA), USC (PAC-12), Utah State (MWC), and Hawai’i (Big West).


Incoming talent


The Aggies will have the challenge of having to replace WAC Player of the Year and leading scorer Ian Baker next year as well as Matt Taylor and Tanveer Bhullar, but the coaching staff has hit the recruiting trails and look to have the roster reloaded for 2017. L.J. Figueroa was the 87th-ranked player in the class of 2017 out of Orlando’s West Oaks Academy and chose New Mexico State over Louisville and Florida among others. NMSU has also signed junior-college players Tyree Robinson and Jachai Simmons. They are both top 100 in junior college prospect rankings. Marlon Jones and Sidy N’dir will also return to action after both players suffered season-ending injuries.

Midterms: Teacher Edition

By: Isaiah Silva

Students are usually the ones who pop into everyone’s minds when the word midterm comes up. Other words that may come up are: time management, stress, and sleep. On the other hand, professors go through he same time management, stress, and sleep deprivation.

Professor Ana Lourdes is an Assistant Professor in the Journalism & Mass Communications Department and is going nonstop all semester

“Well, I am a very busy person because in the morning I get up and I have my breakfast, I feed my dog and my cat and I do everything I need to do at home, then I drive here. I commute from El Paso everyday. I teach my classes,” Professor Cardenas said, “Then when I finish my classes I try to grade some of the assignments,”

Professor Cardenas went on to explain that she is teaching two classes, which entails grading and preparing materials for each class. She will also be teaching a mini-mester class that will begin next week.

In addition, she is on track to become tenured at the university, so she has a lot of research to do. She is also a freelance journalist and has stories that need to get written.

As if that isn’t enough, she is taking an online class. She is studying the US-Mexico border. The class is a yearlong.

“It’s a one year certificate. It’s a lot of work, so I have to watch a lot of videos. I have to read papers and write my own papers,” Professor Cardenas said.

Like students, Professor Cardenas needs to keep her time management skills as sharp as possible. When she returns home, she has to walk her dog and then prepare her classes for the next day.

“It’s really a busy, busy semester. You know every semester is busy. I try to organize my life, I create my compartments. From 8 to 2, I do this; from 9 to 10, I do this, and that’s it, I usually go to bed at like 11 or 12,” Professor Cardenas said.

         When it comes to grading, Professor Cardenas deals with a lot of writing which can be time consuming. She said that she grades her assignments little by little in order to keep herself on track and keep her stress levels low.

“When I get an assignment I just start grading because otherwise it’s horrible when you accumulate those [assignments],” Cardenas said.

“For grading it really depends on the class. In the writing classes you spend a lot of time because of that. I mean you review the lead, the grammar, punctuation, AP Style, if the story makes sense, if the story doesn’t make sense, so then you have to write your comments and then send it back to the student,” Professor Cardenas said.

Professors have a lot on their plate even during spring break. Professor Cardenas will utilize her time to work as much as possible in order to alleviate some of the work that she has to get done before classes start up again.

“For this spring break, I have a lot of work. I have to prepare for an online class that I’m teaching for the first time, so it’s going to be a lot of work, and teaching an online class requires a different organization,” she said, “I have to write some stories and I’m trying to use this spring break to catch up with my research because I have been postponing some things that I need to do.”

The difficult thing now is choosing whether to push responsibilities to the side and have fun, or catch up on work in order to make things easier. For Professor Cardenas, she chooses to get ahead.

Dixie & Dusty Issue #19

Dixie and Dusty have been on the run way too long and have decided that The Round Up will be the perfect hideout for them.

Trying to keep a low profile from authorities, they want to blend in to everyday campus life and start working for TRU.

Traveling through the west, meeting many types of people, they want to help anyone who has questions about life, love and school As a reminder, all these answers are just opinions, not a call to action.

Dear Dusty:

I’m the only guy in my group of friends that isn’t dating anyone. Everyone gives me a hard time about it, should I listen to them and give it a shot?

A: There’s no code on findin’ a girl. Not everyone is supposed to do life the same way: school, career, and marriage, retire… Who says you need to find your other half right now? Do life on your terms. If you are happy with life, enjoy your friends and family then you need to focus on what makes you happy instead of tryin’ to fit into a standard. Social norms are a thing of the past and if you wanna wait till you’re 30 or 40 to find someone to be with then do it! Findin’ that special lady will come in time and when you’re ready to find her you will know.

Dear Dixie:

My boyfriend makes me feel guilty for going out with friends and not responding to his texts or answer when he calls. I just want to have my time… we see each other every day. How do I tell him I need my space sometimes?

A: Trust is the foundation, darlin’. He needs to trust you when you go out with your gals and want to still hold onto who you are. You need to sit down with him and really explore why he gets so mad when you are ‘ignorning’ him. Don’t get caught on a leash and change who you are, you’ll regret it and miss out on fun adventures and opportunities. Speakin’ about it will probably cause a little disagreement, but y’all have to let each other’s views come to light and maybe you can find somewhere to meet in the middle. If he isn’t gonna budge on keepin’ tabs on you it might be time for you to find yourself a new cowboy.

Packing Tips

Let’s face it, Spring Break is a perfect traveling excuse. Whether you are hitting the beach this break or simply visiting family in some colder places, we have a few tips to keep in mind and you get ready for your one week getaway. For a full list of packing tips, as well as other spring break ideas, be sure to check out TRU Online – for a full list of on-line exclusives.

Oven Mit

For your straight iron and curling iron

Dryer Sheets

Keeps clothes fresh

Shower Cap 

To keep your shoes from getting your clothes dirty


Stuff your socks inside your shoes to make more room

* Always carry extra ziplock bags just in case you need to put loose items in them

Plastic wrap all your liquid so they don’t leak on your other belongings 

Bro Code Spring Break 2017

1. What do you do if your friend is hooking up with someone who is a 4 on a scale of 10?

I let them. It’s not my business.

2. What do you do if your friend needs a wingman?

I try my best to help them out, as long as I know they will do the same for me.

3. How do you avoid a creeper in the club?

Just make sure you’re with your squad. The more, the better. And keep your eyes peeled. Never know when someone will try something.

4. How do you keep your squad at their best? i.e looking good, feeling good (hydrated), having fun?

We just have to, you know? Stay the course together and be open and trust the process that we as a group can move forward towards achieving our goals and making ourselves better individuals.

5. What is the rule on doing something crazy? (getting a tattoo or piercing)

I would say that for a tattoo, it has to in a place that you can’t see. Unless the person is in the right state of mind then they can do whatever they want. I would say piercing are a no! They’re too risky.

#SpringBreak2017 Mottos

* Don’t die

* Work hard, play harder.

* We made it back. I don’t know how, but we did.

* Have as much fun as possible because this will be your last break until summer!

* Don’t do anything I would do.

History is All Around Us

By: Albert Luna

The other day I had a gentleman come into my office inquiring about a story idea he had in mind. The man, in his 60’s, attended NMSU during the early 1970’s.

“I can’t believe how much this place has changed” he told me. I used that as a transition point into asking him just how different the school once was.

Suddenly, for the next 20 minutes in the middle of an early March Wednesday in 2017, I felt as if I had been taken back in time to an NMSU none of us would recognize. Whether it was the man telling of how he once lived in an all-boys dorm in what is now currently Breland Hall, or of the times that Milton Hall was seen as the center of campus and housed not only places to eat, but a book store as well.

In addition, the man, who graduated with a journalism degree, also mentioned student media, of how he was the first Sports Anchor on what is now known as News 22 with KRWG, working for $50 a month. He also recalled the time his sophomore year he, along with most of the students on campus, began to protest a Board of Regents decision that there could not be any boys in girls’ dorms or vice versa at any time of the day, a decision later reversed in 1976.

This kind of history  that we now occupy (both physical locations and job titles) have an enormous legacy in and of themselves that come with them. Odds are, problems both good and bad are not the first (or the last) of its kind that will be seen at this University. However, it can be beneficial to sometimes remind yourself to look up and realize that not only is history around us in every sense of the word, but also living through us as well.

Is Spring Break Really a big Deal?

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

Spring Break isn’t fun and games, especially for some NMSU students.

Simon Polakoff is a junior in mechanical engineering who says that the main thing he wants to do is focus on work.

“I’m staying in town primarily for financial reasons”, he said.

Polakoff takes the opportunity to train and hone in on his skills. Spring Break is no time to take a break and get lazy, but to improve without the worry of a deadline for an assignment.

“I would rather save my money up for a different occasion then spend it right now. I’ll be working the entire time. I’ll want to relax and rest as much as I can. I don’t want to do anything strenuous, because my degree is strenuous enough. I’ll also be catching up on lost sleep and making the most of it.”

Kayla Rodriguez is a freshman studying biology and is a member of the NMSU cheer team. She said that while she usually tends to travel with her family during Spring Break, this break will be for training and keeping things simple.

“I won’t be doing much besides going to practice and probably just watching Netflix”, said Rodriguez.

She also says that she doesn’t think Spring Break is that big of a deal, but will miss the family time during the week.

“Usually my family and I go out of town to somewhere that involves the beach or something related, but this is the first year I won’t be doing anything so I’m pretty sad about that.”

For those staying in town, the Blink-182 and Naked and Famous concert will be taking place March 25 and students staying in town can potentially have a little bit of fun even though they aren’t going anywhere.

Locations that appeal to students at NMSU for Spring Break are South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, San Diego, Panama City, Daytona Beach, and Cancun. This year several members from Greek Life and various other organizations will be going to Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

According to Valeria Gomez, a freshman who is studying business management, describes Spring Break as a time to relax, but to not lose focus.

“Spring Break, for me at least, is a time when there should be a pause from school work, and a time to relax”, she said, “I will be staying in Las Cruces and taking my pause from school, and focusing on work, and taking every opportunity to go to the gym.”

Whatever students at NMSU may be doing this Spring Break, the main thing is to enjoy yourself, be safe, and make sure to make the most of it. After a week of doing what you want, it’s back to the books and preparing for finals!

Girl Code Spring Break 2017

1. What do you do if your friend is hooking up with someone who is a 4 on a scale of 10?

Let them! If they’re happy then cool.

2. What do you do if your friend needs a wingman?

I would totally do it, I would pretend to think that my friend is hot, but does not like me to make them seem more desirable to the person they are interested in.

3. How do you avoid a creeper in the club?

Move around to different places until the creeper can’t figure out where you’re at. Then as soon as you can lose them leave, or just keep moving so that they can’t figure out where you are.

4. How do you keep your squad at their best? i.e looking good, feeling good (hydrated), having fun?

Open communication and honest opinion. If my friend isn’t looking her best, I will tell her. If we are doing activities like being in the sun or drinking, water is a must.

5. What is the rule on doing something crazy? (getting a tattoo or piercing)

I would say that for a tattoo, it has to in a place that you can’t see. Unless the person is in the right state of mind then they can do whatever they want. I would say piercing are a no! They’re too risky.

#SpringBreak2017 Mottos

* You can never go back

* What happens at South Padre, stays at South Padre

* Yolo

* If you’re not drinking, you’re not playing

* Have fun and forget all responsibilities for the week.

Aggie bats are off to hot start in 2017

By: Derek Gonzales

Through 15 games this season, the New Mexico State baseball team appears to have made another leap forward after having the nation’s biggest turnaround a year ago. The Aggies are RECORD and lead the nation in a few offensive categories (Batting avg. (.366), hits (189), runs (155), OBP. (.462), doubles (38), and scoring (11.1)).

Having hosted the Yale Bulldogs in a four-game series in the last home series before a nine-game road trip, the Aggies dropped the series opener 3-1. NMSU was held to a season-low five hits and could not capitalize on the solid outing from starting pitcher Jonathan Groff, who gave up just two earned runs in 6.1 innings pitched.

The Bulldogs could not keep the Aggie offense from getting going in the final three games of the series. NMSU scored 41 runs over the next 27 innings and only struck out four times in 112 at bats. Senior Austin Botello lead the NCAA in hits with 26 and is third in RBI’s with 21. Winning the final three games of the series improved NMSU to 9-3 in their first 12 games at Presley Askew Field.

It was a quick turnaround for the Aggies after the Yale series. The team made the 45-minute bus ride down to Southwest University Park in downtown El Paso two days later for the first of three games against I-25 rival New Mexico. The beautiful 9,500 seat home of the El Paso Chihuahuas (San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate) hosted this game for the second-consecutive year to connect NMSU baseball to the borderland area (UTEP does not sponsor baseball). Last season, the Aggies knocked off the Lobos 9-6 in their only win in four tries against UNM.

This time around, the Lobos wasted no time jumping on their southern rivals, scoring the game’s first three runs and holding the potent Aggie offense to just a couple of runs in the game in the 8-2 UNM win.

The problem was not hits or getting people on base for NMSU (9-6), because they collected 12 hits as a team. It was stringing together a rally that the Aggies had trouble with. The Aggies scored seven hits with two outs, which puts pressure on the defense, but also takes away any chance of sacrifice hits.

“Offensively, we are doing okay, but defensively, we have to improve,” NMSU Head Coach Brian Green said. “We just have to get tougher and play the game a pitch at a time, not play the scoreboard and we have to fight a little bit harder.”

UNM (8-3) went into the game with the nation’s third-best RPI and were solid in all facets of the game. The Lobo defense did not commit an error the entire game and used seven different pitchers in the game, while the Aggies used nine.

First baseman Jack Zoellner went 3 for 4 an RBI to lead the UNM offense, while Andre Vigil and Robby Campillo both registered a couple of hits each for the Lobos.

Botello played a hand in both Aggie runs. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the 5th inning and the bases loaded, Botello was hit by the first pitch he saw, scoring Brian Kiser. Two innings later, Botello reached on a fielder’s choice that lead-off man Marcus Still.

Mid-week games are often tough to manage, as teams must carefully manage which arms they use in preparation of a weekend series a few days. This game was no different, as

Head Coach Brian Green used an army to get through the nine innings as the team was slated to head to Salt Lake City to play a three-game series with the Utah Utes.

Dalton Shalberg saw the most action, going 2.1 innings and giving up three earned runs and four hits. It was still a good experience for the four El Paso natives on the NMSU roster (Matthew Perea, Mathew Munden, Alex Reyes, Dante Martinez) as well as a good opportunity to look at the Lobos before seeing them again on March 28 at Presley Askew Field.

“When we get into these mid-week games, you are a little thin and we have not responded well,” Green said. “We have a great opportunity in front of us with ten road games against all basically ranked teams so it will be a good opportunity for us to toughen up.”

Board of Regents discuss potential tuition increase

By: Yesenia Luna

The NMSU Board of Regents met on Monday, March 6, in their first formal action meeting in over a month.

Provost Dan Howard started off with an introduction of the Interim Director of the new Center for the Academic Advising and Student Support, Dr. Jennifer Hodges.

“She began her career at NMSU in 2014” said Provost Howard, “Where she is currently the chair of the academic advising counsel and she’s also a member of The Board of Regents in the student’s success committee and the student life committee.”

A recognition was given to the former Chief of Staff of the Board of Regents, Dr. Janet Green and former chair of NMSU Employee Council, Monica Dunivan. A proclamation about Dr. Green and Dunivan was read during the meeting which highlighted and recognized their work at NMSU.

The Regents’ Financial Strategies Performance and Budget Committee, which met previously on January 27th, discussed staffing levels and the possibility of a tuition increase.

“It’s been reported previously with the state’s shortfalls that we do have some challenges ahead of us and we are taking a look at the sources, and the uses and needs.” Board member Kari Mitchell said, “What has been presented is a tuition increase that is being evaluated as well as a part of that crisis.”

Secretary Jerean Hutchison spoke on behalf of the Student Success Committee and their recent meeting which she mentioned also addressed the state’s shortfalls. “We talked about student outcomes and trends, tuition and fees as well as preliminary funding investments.”

“I think what was really instrumental as well is that the Students Success Committee has come up with some priority funding investments,” continued Member Hutchison, “which are strategically around the pillars and those were presented and discussed.”

Given that this is the time when the next Fiscal Year’s budget will be discussed, many would say this is an important time to follow what the Board of Regents will be announcing regarding a potential tuition increase.

Member Mitchell said that the Student Success Committee felt like the meeting was productive and helpful but that there are no immediate easy answers that are evident, given that there are hard decisions to be made.

Also during the meeting Andrea Tawney, Senior Vice President of the University Advancement touched upon Alumni participation.

“Our team has launched 10 new programs in the past year, all of those programs are to increase alumni participation” Tawney continued, “our student foundation is going amazingly well. You’ll see a student foundation launch during our campaign kickoff, where we are trying to get a key performer and artist out of El Paso.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how the next few months play out for the Board, who would have the sole authority to authorize a tuition increase for students.

The agenda of the March 6 Board of Regents and future meeting notices can be found at         

Be sure to follow TRU’s next few issues following Spring Break for all news regarding tuition increases and potential new action items that will be passed by the Board in the coming months, or by logging onto The Round Up’s website-