By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

The Las Cruces International Film Festival that runs March 8-12 will be featuring an NMSU alumni’s film.

Alfonso Loya graduated in fall 2016. He majored in CMI and is now getting to experience being included in a film festival. He exclaimed his excited for the opportunity and is ready for people to see his documentary film “Thomas.”

“For people to see it is truly wonderful and to share it is an amazing feeling. This story was originally filmed and shot in Las Cruces, and now the people of Las Cruces are going to see it. For them to feature my film is a true blessing. And filmmakers and actors from all over will be viewing it.”

Loya’s film is about a homeless man who lives on the streets and decides to search for his adult daughter.

Throughout the film there are recollections and flashbacks of when the two were younger. When he finally finds her, his daughter is both angry and hurt and displays negative responses to him.

Loya said that the father’s character committed a murder and was sent to prison for some time. With that consequence, his daughter grew up never really knowing him or truly getting to know him.

Loya explained that in high school he met the man while working at Burger Kind that gave him the idea for the film.

“This man told me about his daughter that he hadn’t seen in many years. I found his personality very interesting and began to imagine how homeless people have a story. They weren’t born homeless. They are people just like you and me and they are human beings.”

The fundamental themes of the film are love, forgiveness, and hope for the future. The man tires to redeem himself with his daughter and reconcile from his past actions.

“As filmmakers, we should aspire and try to tell stories as much as we can,” said Loya.

At the end of the film the father attempts to reconnect with his daughter by making one last sacrifice for her. Loya didn’t want to give everything away and said one must watch to find out what happens.

“As filmmakers, we should aspire and try to tell stories as much as we can”

Loya’s experience with filmmaking goes back to when he was a teenager. He would create music videos and lip sync to them. Since then he has had a passion to create unique films for people to see.

Loya didn’t start learning the fundamental skills on creating a film until he came to the NMSU CMI Department in 2012.

“I loved the idea of making films, and all four years that I was at NMSU, I enriched my knowledge about producing, creating, and directing them.”

With the successful of Loya’s film “Thomas,” he doesn’t plan to slow down and says he wants to start his own production company. The company Cadance Films will be located in El Paso, Texas and he is currently working on a musical.

“The musical is based off the idea of what making films is like and what it takes to created them and the process. In other words: It is a celebration of making films.”

Loya explains how grateful he is to the community and university. He said he was honored to have the chance to be featured in a film festival and is excited to create more films and tell people’s stories.

“Everybody has a story but not everyone has the voice to tell it.”

The Las Cruces International Film Festival runs March 8-12. You can purchase tickets through the festivals website: Or you can purchase tickets over the phone at (575) 514 – 2444.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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