Is Spring Break Really a big Deal?

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

Spring Break isn’t fun and games, especially for some NMSU students.

Simon Polakoff is a junior in mechanical engineering who says that the main thing he wants to do is focus on work.

“I’m staying in town primarily for financial reasons”, he said.

Polakoff takes the opportunity to train and hone in on his skills. Spring Break is no time to take a break and get lazy, but to improve without the worry of a deadline for an assignment.

“I would rather save my money up for a different occasion then spend it right now. I’ll be working the entire time. I’ll want to relax and rest as much as I can. I don’t want to do anything strenuous, because my degree is strenuous enough. I’ll also be catching up on lost sleep and making the most of it.”

Kayla Rodriguez is a freshman studying biology and is a member of the NMSU cheer team. She said that while she usually tends to travel with her family during Spring Break, this break will be for training and keeping things simple.

“I won’t be doing much besides going to practice and probably just watching Netflix”, said Rodriguez.

She also says that she doesn’t think Spring Break is that big of a deal, but will miss the family time during the week.

“Usually my family and I go out of town to somewhere that involves the beach or something related, but this is the first year I won’t be doing anything so I’m pretty sad about that.”

For those staying in town, the Blink-182 and Naked and Famous concert will be taking place March 25 and students staying in town can potentially have a little bit of fun even though they aren’t going anywhere.

Locations that appeal to students at NMSU for Spring Break are South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, San Diego, Panama City, Daytona Beach, and Cancun. This year several members from Greek Life and various other organizations will be going to Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

According to Valeria Gomez, a freshman who is studying business management, describes Spring Break as a time to relax, but to not lose focus.

“Spring Break, for me at least, is a time when there should be a pause from school work, and a time to relax”, she said, “I will be staying in Las Cruces and taking my pause from school, and focusing on work, and taking every opportunity to go to the gym.”

Whatever students at NMSU may be doing this Spring Break, the main thing is to enjoy yourself, be safe, and make sure to make the most of it. After a week of doing what you want, it’s back to the books and preparing for finals!

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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