Dixie & Dusty Issue #19

Dixie and Dusty have been on the run way too long and have decided that The Round Up will be the perfect hideout for them.

Trying to keep a low profile from authorities, they want to blend in to everyday campus life and start working for TRU.

Traveling through the west, meeting many types of people, they want to help anyone who has questions about life, love and school As a reminder, all these answers are just opinions, not a call to action.

Dear Dusty:

I’m the only guy in my group of friends that isn’t dating anyone. Everyone gives me a hard time about it, should I listen to them and give it a shot?

A: There’s no code on findin’ a girl. Not everyone is supposed to do life the same way: school, career, and marriage, retire… Who says you need to find your other half right now? Do life on your terms. If you are happy with life, enjoy your friends and family then you need to focus on what makes you happy instead of tryin’ to fit into a standard. Social norms are a thing of the past and if you wanna wait till you’re 30 or 40 to find someone to be with then do it! Findin’ that special lady will come in time and when you’re ready to find her you will know.

Dear Dixie:

My boyfriend makes me feel guilty for going out with friends and not responding to his texts or answer when he calls. I just want to have my time… we see each other every day. How do I tell him I need my space sometimes?

A: Trust is the foundation, darlin’. He needs to trust you when you go out with your gals and want to still hold onto who you are. You need to sit down with him and really explore why he gets so mad when you are ‘ignorning’ him. Don’t get caught on a leash and change who you are, you’ll regret it and miss out on fun adventures and opportunities. Speakin’ about it will probably cause a little disagreement, but y’all have to let each other’s views come to light and maybe you can find somewhere to meet in the middle. If he isn’t gonna budge on keepin’ tabs on you it might be time for you to find yourself a new cowboy.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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