A New Era for the College of ACES at ASNMSU

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

The annual ASNMSU elections have arrived and a new era for the student senate is dawning.

The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences or ACES is one of the largest at the NMSU Campus and there are three candidates looking to take the seat. Those who graduate from this department are dedicated to improving the community development in New Mexico.

The candidates running for the ACES senate seats have the opportunity to be the person in charge of aiding their college and helping them obtain recognition, seeing to their needs, and proposing future adaptations.

Cassidy Downing is a senior majoring in agriculture business and economics and is re-running for a senate seat for the college of ACES. She said transparency is one of the primary things she would like to bring to ASNMSU this coming year.

“A majority of the students I talk with have no idea what ASNMSU is for or, what we do, or how we can help them”, she said. “I want to be a friendly face in a situation that might be tough. There are sure to be some shifts in the future; with the budget changes and other events taking place on campus.”

Downing has had a lot of time through the years to make the most of her time here at NMSU by getting to know undergraduate and graduate students in the college of arts and sciences. She is the president of the Collegiate Farm and Livestock Bureau, a Secretary for the Collegiate FFA, and an ACES Mentor.

“Seeing so many people do amazing things at this university, makes me want to do everything I can to ensure everyone has an opportunity to discover more and excel in their education”, she said.

Students can be introduced to ASNMSU and Senate as early as their freshman year. ASNMSU has a Roadrunner Program where students run errands for Senate, Faculty and Staff of the University. The fast paced environment and work experience introduce them to the type of work ASNMSU executes.

This is how Jaycie Cruz, a junior from the college of ACES studying Agriculture and Extension Education got interested in ASNMSU. Cruz explained that three years ago the Roadrunner Program introduced her to how Senate works and allowed her to explore. She has been with ASNMSU since then and is also re-running for a Senator position.

“This year I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and really stepped up as a Senator. Not only have I fought passionately for my constituents and what they want, but I have also taken more responsibility within ASNMU. I’m currently serving as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee and have worked on the General Appropriations Act, the ASNMSU Budget, and various other legislative issues with other ASNMSU leaders.”

Cruz has been involved in Greek Life, the ACES Ambassador Program, and various other community service organizations on campus, and is a prime example of how busy and involved some of the students running for election or re-election are. But she stated that her biggest pleasure is serving others.

The final candidate running for the ACES seat is Jordan Woodbury. He is a sophomore who is majoring in Animal Science and to Woodbury, NMSU has become a life changing place.

“NMSU is a very diverse campus and there is so much available for people to experience and get involved in. I am interested in serving to give each person the same opportunity that I was given. It is a personal goal of mine to keep all students at NMSU informed and to participate and utilize all of their resources, because by having this knowledge, students are more likely to be more active and willing to take advantage of some extraordinary opportunities that are offered here.”

Woodbury has kept himself busy by being involved in several clubs and organizations which include Collegiate FFA, Collegiate 4-H, ACES Ambassador Program, Wool Judging, NMSU Intramurals, and Greek Life.

“From being involved in a wide variation of organizations, I feel that I will be able to communicate well with all of the constituents and be able to serve as a voice and represent those from a wide variation of backgrounds.”

One of the primary goals that ASNMSU aims to improve is university communications with its students. Many of the candidates who are running for the various positions are aware of this and are eager to bring many new ideas to the forthcoming academic year.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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