Arts and Science’s Senate Race Likely To Be The Closest

By: Jianna Vasquez

Campaigning for the Arts & Sciences Senate kicked off on March 27 and nominees are working hard to get voters endorsements.

There are seven students running for the senate position and only four will be chosen. Two candidates are up for re-election.

On Tuesday, March 28, Arts & Sciences candidates shared their proposals to the council meeting.

Linda Cisneros was the first candidate to speak in front of the council. This will be Cisneros’s second time running for the position, but she is the only girl on the ballot this year which she hopes if elected she will bring a different prospective to ASNMSU. Cisneros is currently a sophomore majoring in Government with a minor in communications. She proposed to encourage more involvement in student organizations and to let these organizations know about ASNMSU funding through promotion of social media.

“These programs help academically and professionally develop our students and I believe the purpose of college is to prepare us for the next chapter of our lives so I definitely seek to encourage student involvement in these organizations,” Cisneros said.

Alexander Warner-Garret is up for re-election this year. He has been involved with ASNMSU for the past two years. Warner-Garret started as roadrunner and then later on as a senator. During Warner-Garret time in the senate he has advocated for finance and community service. If re-elected Warner-Garret wants to make sure that if student fees are increased they will continue to be used for the students.

“I want to make sure are student fees go even further and that all of our outstanding students can get the funds that they deserve,” said Warner-Garret.

William Jones is another candidate that is up for a re-election this year. Jones is a part of the Marine Corps and Student Veteran organization. He is currently working on a bill that will get the Student Veterans organization on the diversity board in order to qualify to get funding. Jones stressed that not only is he writing this bill for the Student Veteran organization, but he is also willing to help any other organization that feels they need more funding.

If re-elected, Jones wants to push in the upcoming year is helping international by looking into their healthcare and allowing them to have a wider range of health plans they can choose from.

“I want to look into helping international students that make up roughly two or three thousand of our students, which is a huge revenue we can pull from and we really need to make them feel at home,” said Jones.

Cody McCarty is part of the Student Veterans organization and is working at the Military and veteran’s programs. McCarty wants to make sure that all the enhanced internships that NMSU is paying for are actually successful and recognized. McCarty was appointed to fill a senate position earlier in spring semester and hopes to continue to serve the Arts and Science department.

“I really engaged in this university and I love this university. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you guys,” said McCarty.

Wilderness Castillo-Dobson is currently involved in the Army ROTC program at NMSU. If elected to the Senate, Castillo-Dobson wants to bridge the gap between the student body and the student government in order to make the student government more accountable and more receptive to the needs and wishes of the student body. Castillo-Dobson wants to advocate in keeping as much funding for the clubs and organizations as possible.

“I know no matter what, standing united we will make this university a more prosperous place,” said Castillo-Dobson.

Marcus Sanchez is currently a sophomore and a double major in Criminal Justice and Government. If elected Sanchez wants to advocate connecting the student body to their government. Sanchez wants to be an active promoter in letting the student body know about all the services that their student fees fund through ASNMSU. Sanchez also wants to continue to promote and clubs and organization that the university offers to get more student involvement.

“I don’t think any student fees should be going to waste so I would be an active promoter of programs that we have at this school because the teams and clubs are what give NMSU our name,” said Sanchez.

Tylan Tapley is a Junior and government major who has transferred three times and he believes that this will help him because he has witness two other forms of student government. If elected Tapley hopes to bring a diversity of ideas and opinions to the board by having a speaker and debate series hosted by ASNMSU.

“As a senator that will be one of the things I stress most importantly, is providing every single student the opportunity to experience this diversity of ideas,” said Tapley.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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