ASNMSU Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate

By: Isaiah Silva

ASNMSU election campaigns are underway and on March 29 candidates gathered in Corbett Center for the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate.

The debate began with the only candidate for the Vice President position, Emerson Morrow. Although he is running unopposed, he said that he is not taking any support for granted.

“Part of the reason why I’m here is because it was required and because I really want to earn your vote. I’m trying to speak to as many students as possible to really get a sense of how everyone is feeling on this campus, and what you all want to expect from your student government.” Morrow said.

The first question asked was in regards to the education of new ASNMSU senators. Morrow and all other candidates were given a two-minute window to answer their questions.

“One thing I want to do as Vice President is really take new senators under my wing. I plan on setting up a meeting with every member of the ASNMSU Senate at least once a semester because I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” Morrow said, “I think through that mentorship program, I’ll really be able to help new Senators understand the entire [ASNMSU] law book, but specifically chapters 7 and 8 a little bit better.”

Morrows next question focused on what his biggest goal was during his time in office.

“I’d say the most pressing goal would be streamlining the ASNMSU Senate bill process, so that you are able to submit every document required for the bill online through the ASNMSU website,” Morrow said.

Morrow’s third question dealt with how he planned to keep the Senate to its high standards.

“In the Senate, we talk a lot about accountability. That’s another thing that I want to focus on in the next year. I am taking a close look at the elections code and anywhere in the law book that it mentions impeachment, so we have clear procedures in place to hold senators accountable,” Morrow said.

Once Morrow concluded his questions, the Presidential candidates were welcomed into the Aggie Lounge.

There are three candidates running for the presidential position. The candidates are: Manuel Alejandro Ordoque, Kevin Prieto, and Corey Stevens. Each had two minutes for opening statements.

The first candidate to speak was Corey Stevens.

“One, my goal is to protect the student investment here at the university, whether it’s through tuition dollars or student fee dollars. Two, is to promote every student’s voice at the university and represent that voice in administration, in the board of Regents, and at the state level. And three, to bring a global initiative to ASNMSU.” Stevens said.

Names were drawn randomly and the next one selected to speak as Kevin Prieto.

“Some of my main goals are to increase transparency within our ASNMSU government and widen the outreach and public relations to our university. Another one is to really push on the communication between organizations, as well as ourselves and administration.” Prieto said, “ My last one is really to push on the point of my experience.”

The last to make his opening statement was Manuel


“I have three goals. One of the main goals that I hope to accomplish within my term is to build the graduate school council to become completely autonomous. That way they are able to appropriate their own bills, they’re able to basically be their own entity but still be part of the association. The second thing is to help the senators, to prioritize the international health care we see here. International students make up about 20-30 percent of this institution and I hope to fix that once I become president. The third thing I think we all want is transparency,” Ordoque said.

Once the opening statements were finished, the questions started. The questions asked included topics such as: why they wanted to run for ASNMSU president, diversity on campus, maintaining the Lottery Scholarship, and services provided to students among others.

For more information on the ASNMSU Elections and candidates, visit

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