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Hello Fellow Aggies, My name is Kevin Prieto and I am currently a junior majoring in Business Administration. I have been a part of ASNMSU since my first semester of college. I first got my start in the association through the roadrunner internship program in the Fall of 2014. I held position of College of Business Senator for two consecutive terms, writing numerous bills. I currently am the ASNMSU Vice President and have helped guide the legislative body into a successful year. I hold the students interest on a very high pedestal and hope to continue to represent them. I currently work closely with the current ASNMSU President sitting in on meetings and speaking to administration and I am confident that the transition will be fast and efficient. I want to make sure that every Aggie has the best college experience possible. I believe I am the most qualified candidate and I am more than ready to serve the student body into a successful future and hope to represent you as the next ASNMSU President.


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Hey Aggies! My name is Manuel Ordoque and I’ve been an Arts and Sciences Senator for 2 years. It’s been an awesome time serving you all in ASNMSU but since spending my time in the senate there are many things that can fixed. I hope to serve you all as your President as being the most hard working and transparent


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Hey Aggies! I am excited and honored to be running as a candidate for ASNMSU President and serve the school I love. I was raised in southeastern New Mexico and have always bled crimson. I am currently a Junior studying Economics and Finance in the College of Business, serving as a Senator, and have had a great experience representing students in my college. In addition, I also serve as the current Executive Director of The Round Up (NMSU’s premier news publication), am a proud New Mexico Leadership Institute scholar, have served as a College of Business Ambassador, and am a member of the PRIDE marching band. Along with these roles, I am genuinely interested in our students’ well-being and am excited to discuss the issues we will be facing in the upcoming academic year, and how to resolve them. Aggie Up!


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Hey New Mexico State! I’m Emerson Morrow and excited to be running to serve as your next student body Vice President. In the ASNMSU Senate, I have worked to provide students with worthwhile community service opportunities, advocate strongly for the lottery scholarship, and secure the funding that students need. With the current budget situation, it is more important than ever that we have a student senate which is run efficiently and leadership that is willing to cooperate with other organizations on campus. I believe that I can effectively oversee and streamline the senate process, distributing funding to deserving student organizations while making sure that ASNMSU continues to provide inclusive events and services that enhance the college experience for everyone. With your help, I know we can build a student government we can all be proud of. Thanks for your consideration. God bless and go Aggies!

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The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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