Diversity Matters

The Round Up recently went around campus and asked readers how they feel NMSU has done in being a diverse campus, as well as how they have seen that play out in their day-to-day lives. Here are some of the best responses TRU received:

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“I think NMSU has done this very wonderful because I’ve never experienced anything that makes me feel like I belong to a different group or a minority group. Wherever I go, or whoever I talk to, I feel like I’m being mixed with them. They receive me very well, they talk to me very well, and I’ve been here for the past three years and have walked to different places and departments here on campus and everywhere I go it’s a wonderful reception. I’ve never felt that I belong to a different group or that I’m separated, it never feels anything like that.”

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“I guess being a minority you can definitely feel a difference because of course there’s other minorities here on campus, but I think that there’s not a lot of clubs that are really related to my ethnicity as an African-American. But I guess moving forward there is a lot of talk about NMSU providing tutoring for diverse students, rather than just telling us that it’s available, instead they’re coming to us and bringing us in.

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“I definitely feel different. I think people actually know it when I tell them, other than that I’m mistaken to be a Mexican so other than that I feel like the Native-American population is super small, like really small, here on the NMSU campus which is okay. I also feel like they have accommodated Native-Americans pretty well even if we’re a small percentage here because we have our own center and lab and stuff like that. And I feel like compared to most universities that I have visited before I came here they have some pretty good stuff for us Natives. So I actually feel okay. I think they’re diverse to others too and are trying to do their best to accommodate.

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“NMSU has provided not just me, but all types of color that walk this campus at a chance at opportunity and a pathway toward success. Not only have I grown as a student but I have also furthered my development as a person with an enhanced sefawareness, social development, real world training and a better look of who I am as a person. I was given a chance like many students here to further my education and pursue my purpose in life.”

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“They’re doing what a university can. It goes down to how people react to different beliefs and diversity. I think NMSU is welcoming, it’s just that sometimes the student body isn’t very welcoming of diverse beliefs. But I mean the school can only go so far and I think they’re doing what they can do accommodate in however they can.”

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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