Dixie & Dusty #21

Dixie and Dusty have been on the run way too long and have decided that The Round Up will be the perfect hideout for them. Trying to keep a low profile from authorities, they want to blend in to everyday campus life and start working for TRU. Traveling through the west, meeting many types of people, they want to help anyone who has questions about life, love and school As a reminder, all these answers are just opinions, not a call to action.

Dear Dusty:

Q: My girlfriend can never decide what to do and I’d really like her to just make her mind up! How do we solve this problem?

A: The woman in our lives love to keep us waiting, especially when it comes to deciding what to do for an evening out. I’ll direct this question to the ladies… Us guys want to give you choices, we want to be gentlemen and take y’all out and let y’all have fun doing what you want to do. We like to make y’all happy and what make us happy is letting you pick what you want to do. This could either be going out to y’alls favorite restaurant, favorite activity like which movie y’all want to see or even go shopping which isn’t our favorite thing to do, but we will gladly do it if y’all could decide that’s what y’all want to do! Don’t be shy with your man, he wants to make you happy. Don’t give him a headache when you say, “I don’t know what I want to do,” just decide, this one outing won’t make or break y’alls relationship, but if you say “I don’t know” too many times, it just might.

Dear Dixie:

Q: I was asked to go to a concert by an old friend… who I used to date, but now I have a boyfriend. We’ve managed to     stay friends throughout the years and I’d really like to go. It’s also in a big group of people I haven’t seen in ages. Do you think it would be bad if I went?

A: Ya want to respect y’alls relationships, that’s the foundation of being with someone else. Communication is the second. If ya want to go with these friends than ya should! Y’all have stayed friends and it’s an innocent, fun outing with people who make life fun. Talk to your honey and tell him that it was a free ticket, it’s a large group of people and you’d really like to go. Ya don’t have a ring on your finger so don’t stress too much about this. It’s a great experience and don’t miss out on fun opportunities because you’re afraid. Be respectful to your honey and communicate with him about what’s going on. Honesty is the best way for you both to trust each other.

Send in your questions to RoundUp@nmsu.edu.

Author: nmsuroundup

The student voice of New Mexico State University since 1907.

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