Albert Luna




Albert is from El Paso, Texas, where he was born and raised. He brings to the table years of experience in journalism, including working as the Head of Content for the NBA columns at ESPN El Paso. He was also heavily involved with his high school newspaper, Eastwood’s Sabre Newspaper, which he credits as the primary influence which led to his passion for journalism. Upon coming to NMSU, Albert was quickly brought on to The Round Up as a staff writer, being promoted to Sports Editor shortly thereafter. Albert was selected as Editor-in-Chief in May of 2016, succeeding Billy Huntsman, who Albert credits for keeping the paper afloat last year. Luna, a junior in credits, is double majoring in Finance and Government with a minor in Journalism. Additionally, Albert has worked with The Round Up’s student media neighbor- KRUX as a color analyst covering NMSU sports. Albert wants nothing more than to see The Round Up succeed this year. He is confident that this year’s entirely new product (print, on-line and app) will serve the most important consumers, the students, in the best ways possible.