Delta Gamma presents Anchor Slam

By: Jianna Vasquez

NMSU’s Delta Gamma held their twelfth annual anchor slam on Saturday, February 18. The sorority hosts the event each year to raise awareness for the visually impaired. Anchor Slam, is a three on three basketball tournament hosted at the NMSU Activity Center.

The foundation reaches out to members of the community to participate in Anchor Slam, which is their biggest event of the spring semester. The sorority tabled all week to raise donations and sign-up NMSU students for the basketball tournament.

The half-court basketball game was played by two teams of three players each and the first team to score twenty points or the team that scored the most points in the 15 minutes won the game. The clock ran continuously for all games.

The event lasts the whole day and is equipped with a Dj.

“We keep the good vibes going throughout the tournament,” said Vice President, Molly Olson. The cost to participate in the Anchor Slam is $10 per player and $20 if the player wants a shirt. All proceeds from this tournament will go to Delta Gamma’s philanthropy: Service for Sight and The New Mexico school for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Alamogordo. (NMSBVI)

Service for sight has been the sorority’s philanthropic mission since 1936. Delta Gamma has given over $2,800,000 in Service for sight grants to organizations and schools that share the foundations mission: to promote sight preservation and assistance to children and adults who are blind or visually impaired.

“Through service for sight we are able to provide blind and visually impaired children and adults with opportunities and skills to lead a full life,” said Olson.

Service for Sight is the direct support system for four schools that were founded by Delta Gamma for the visually impaired which includes NMSBV.

Delta Gamma visits NMSBV in Alamogordo, New Mexico often.

“It’s cool that it’s so close to home because we get to go and work hands on with them,” said Delta Gammas Director of fundraising, Marin Macedo.

The foundation visit NMSBV to help them with several events during the school year including an annual Halloween carnival and helping the students get ready for their prom.

“It’s nice to be a part of an organization that helps people,” said Macedo.

In addition to Service for Sight, Delta Gamma also supports “Service for Sight: Joining Forces.” Delta Gamma has partnered up with the Department of Defense, Veteran Administration, and other non-profits that work to help visually impaired men and women who served or are serving in the Armed Forces.

According to Delta Gamma, 13-20 percent of Armed Force members who are wounded in battle experience eye trauma or vision impairment. The foundation works to provide aid through their philanthropic mission of Service for Sight.

Members of Delta Gamma will continue to live by the foundations motto, “Do good.”

“The Delta Gamma foundation fosters lifetime enrichment for members, promotes Service for Sight and partners with the Fraternity to endure the future of our sisterhood.”

For any information on Delta Gamma or Service for Sight you can contact NMSU’s chapter at

Greeks Reaching New Peaks

By: Isaiah Silva

Of the many activities and organizations to choose from on NMSU’s campus, Greek Life is a popular choice  – this semester is no exception.

Joining Greek Life at NMSU is an easy way to get involved and make long-lasting relationships. This semester, the campus population involved in Greek Life grew from four percent to eight percent.

“Greek life has forever changed my life. The amount of amazing people that I have befriended the past three and a half years has been incredible. Being apart of Lambda Chi Alpha has developed me into the man I am today,” Armando Rodriguez, a senior at NMSU said. “I have learned so much, and acquired a brotherhood that I am so thankful for. Greek life gives you the opportunity to build amazing friendships, and gather real life knowledge which can better prepare you for the future.”

The organizations put a lot of time and effort to help give back to their campus and their community. They like to help create a better environment for everyone. This could go from helping out on campus, within the community, and to even set good examples for those around them.

“Throughout the course of the semester Lambda Chi has raised $2,800 and donated over 4000 pounds of food for our philanthropy Feeding America.” Rodriguez said.

Philanthropies are projects and/or events that groups organize in order to benefit the surrounding community. These can involve any sorority or fraternity and all members of Greek Life.  The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity has donated nearly $1000 while helping other philanthropies. In addition, the other organizations on campus have also donated good amounts of money in order to help others.

There is also a big focus on schoolwork in Greek Life as well. Examples on how members strive toward academic excellence would be upperclassmen counseling, peer tutoring, and chapter study hours. All of these help new students with their transition into college and introduce them to the devotion that college requires.

Nationally, just over 50 percent of college students go onto graduate, but the U.S Department of Education shows that Greek Life members graduate at a rate of approximately 70 percent.

On average, members of Greek Life are above male and female GPA averages.

Greek Life leaves a lasting impression on its members. When I asked Armando Rodriguez how going Greek has affected him, he had this to say, “To be quite honest I have learned more being apart of Lambda Chi than any class that I have taken. Greek life gives you the opportunity to build amazing friendships, and gather real life knowledge which can better prepare you for the future.”

I also asked Armando Rodriguez what event has been his favorite from this semester.

“My favorite memory from this year would have to be Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash. Their event is a week long full of festivities, which consist of Mr. Anchor Splash, Penny Wars, and the main event Anchor Splash. It was really great to see Greek Life, as a whole, come together to support one another.”

Another accomplishment that the Lambda Chi chapters can enjoy is they won the Bruce McIntosh Out Chapter Operations award and the Warren A. Cole Recruitment award both which are only given to three deserving chapters in the country.

For information on the 17 Greek organizations on New Mexico State’s campus, you can visit

Opinionated Editorial: Being Greek 


By: Salina Madrid

After a relaxing summer, college has found its way back to us. With long days, classes, new professors, it is important to get involved. Especially for the entire incoming freshman, starting at a new school is scary; it is like a whole new world full of changes and new responsibilities.

But I have something that will make this transition a lot easier, and that something is Greek Life. College students who take membership in Greek life are equipped with skills that can be used in future careers. It is a rewarding and unique opportunity to interact and become involved with other people who have the same values as you. With that being said, it is finally time for sorority recruitment.

Growing up, I’d see movies and shows about sorority girls and all the stereotypes. Now, I cannot even imagine what my college experience would have been like if I wasn’t introduced to Greek Life.

Two-years-ago, I stood outside the doors of the sororities on campus. As I went through every house over the course of a couple days, I found where I was meant to be, where I was supposed to be. That is when I knew, that Greek Life was something I wanted to be apart of.

Since that very day, I have given and dedicated my heart to Greek life, it has changed my life forever, it is where I, in essence, found my second family.

A lot of people tell me, “you’re just paying for your friends.” If I really am, then I’m not paying enough. These woman, who are my sisters and best friends, hold a very special place in my heart that I wouldn’t change for the world. These past couple years, I have made memories that will last a lifetime.

Greek to me isn’t just about wearing those letters that you cherish so much, but more about sisterhood, lasting friendships, academic support, encouragement, philanthropy, and leadership. Being Greek means that I am never alone and that I will always have a support system. It is about being apart of something bigger than you. It has shaped me as a person, and has pushed me to be a better person every single day.

This is why you should Be Greek. Recruitment week is one that you will remember forever, it is the week that you will gain another family, a home away from home, and friendships that will stay with you till the day you die.

Don’t miss out on a life changing opportunity like this, you won’t regret it.

For more information, or to sign up for sorority recruitment, go to