Round Up Exclusive: Interview with President Kevin Prieto

By: Albert Luna

The Round Up recently sat down with ASNMSU President-Elect Kevin Prieto, just days after his narrow victory in the run-off election for the Presidency. Prieto, the outgoing Vice President, was sworn into office on Thursday, April 27, during ASNMSU’s Senate Session. However, for University payroll purposes, he technically does not assume office from a budget standpoint until May 16. The Round Up asked President-Elect Prieto how he thinks his term will go, what is first objectives will be, and where he sees student media going as a whole headed towards next year. Here are his responses.

What was your initial reaction when you found out you had won the Presidency?

“First thing was a sigh of relief since I didn’t have to campaign anymore. Then I reached out and thanked my opponent on a great race. Then almost immediately started to think about hiring people and just start getting to work and making sure that we will be ready to go. It’s basically a break for a couple of minute’s then right back to work”

Although your basic agenda was laid out during campaigning, once you assume office, what are the main points you want to act on? Where do you want to start?

“I want to start with introductions and being able to go out and meet all of the people and positions that I will be working with and building up those relationships as quick as possible. I want people to know who I am so they feel comfortable in me as a leader and also so they can come talk to me. The second thing is just to hire a great staff and make sure that we get a good pool of applicants”

Once you hire a new staff, what will be the main message you give them initially in terms of what you all want to accomplish in your time here?

“I think it starts with positive energy and a positive culture. I want a positive office so that the results can show to students to show that we are happy doing our job and we love our job. We also need to make sure that we are efficient with people’s time and people’s money and also that we are open and people know what we are doing as well as listening to the people. I think reminding people [the staff] who they work for is the biggest thing and that is the students”

How has transition with outgoing President Matt Bose been?

“I wished we would have talked a lot more during our terms [2016-2017 school year] but our schedules were always so different, but he’s been great he congratulated me [via text] right away after he found out I won. He took me the next day and we synched up calendars to where I am going to all of his meetings he is going to and he has been introducing me to everyone, he has really made it effortless. It helps that we are really good friends and so it is almost like we are having just another normal conversation when we are talking about it [the transition].”

While you are transitioning to the Presidency, you are also helping the new Vice President, Emerson Morrow, transition to what will now be your old office. Along with helping him transition into his seat, how do you see yourself now working beside him as your Vice President?

“I think it is just getting comfortable and building those communications. Both of us are from Las Cruces which is a benefit, although we did go to rival high schools; I think that really helps, we will be here during the summer most of the time working together. Our goals are already set and I think that we are ahead of schedule and I am excited”

How do you see this summer playing out with the forthcoming budget cuts as well as more than likely tuition increase with just the economics of the University and ASNMSU?

“I think we have to be ready for anything. We should have an open mindset and say ‘what can we do and how can we work within our means’. Yes we can fight and complain about what we are going to get, but ultimately we don’t have enough time to complain we just have to keep the work on. A big issue we see is a lack of creativity, we need to work within the budget and get creative. I will be expecting to hope for the best but be preparing for the worst”

How do you see the Department of Student Media [Both the Round Up and KRUX 91.5 FM] and their welfare going forward during your time?

“I think it’s just collaboration and communication. I would more than love to do a partnership deal with you all [Student Media] such as doing a tabling event and just combining forces and let people know ‘we [ASNMSU] are your Student Government and this is your Student Media’. We are separate entities which is a great thing to have but we also work with each other and support each other and ultimately achieve the goal of both of us letting the students know we are there for them. That’s the goal.”

One thing you want to tell any students that will be either incoming or perhaps did not vote for you coming into this next school year?

“I would like to say thank you to everyone that went out to go vote. It’s not about supporting me but the fact that you went out and voted, we had a record turnout for voting for this year which is more than ever before. If we can keep that excitement up from the campaign, we can do amazing things, let’s get the engagement back up and make sure we are passionate about the school that we are going to. I want to be the means and the voice for students to enjoy their four years here”

ASNMSU Presidency Run-off Coming Down to Wire

By: Albert Luna

The next President of ASNMSU should have been decided almost a week ago now. Instead, the Association does not yet have a leader for the 2017-2018 school year as a run-off race nears its end.

Kevin Prieto and Corey Stevens, both Juniors in the College of Business are the two candidates left standing after the original general election produced no clear winner after no one received at least 51 percent of the vote.

“Let’s do it again” Prieto told The Round Up on Wednesday about the run-off, “It lights a fire underneath you, now it is the homestretch.”

thumbnail_Kevin Prieto_008793_@.jpg
Kevin Prieto 

Prieto, the current Vice President of ASNMSU, was just under 140 votes shy of winning the Presidency outright in the general election last week, ending up with 1,046 total votes initially out of 2,347 votes that were cast.

Stevens, on the other hand, finished nearly 220 votes behind Prieto, collecting 829 in all.

“Going into the General Election, we knew we were the underdogs and I knew that our goal would be to force a runoff” Stevens said, “When the results posted, me and my campaign staff were excited that we forced the election into a runoff; one step at a time.”

Manuel Ordoque received 368 but was eliminated from contention as he did not place in the top two of the voting results.

The run-off, which by ASNMSU election guidelines must occur over at least 5 full school days, will not conclude until Monday, April 17at 5 P.M.

The reason for this is that the University will be closed on Friday, April 14, in observance of Good Friday, thereby having to push voting, and the results of the fate of the presidency into the weekend.

“I expressed my concerns about voting being open during the weekend; about my issue with monitoring it over a Holiday. But, we will just have to fight until it’s over and hope for the best” Stevens said.

Prieto echoed similar remarks in the way that the voting schedule has been altered to accommodate the holiday, “I feel it kills the momentum that we’ve picked up” he says, “That Monday [April 17] is a little weird because you have to remind people that it is not over. I am not planning on doing too much campaigning during the weekend, I think people, including myself, should spend time with their family, that’s family time.”

Despite already campaigning for the two weeks preceding the week of the run-offs, Prieto says that he is still has found this extra week of campaigning to be beneficial and productive.

“The support and all of the people that I’ve met is truly revitalizing in a way that I get to meet new people almost again and again that come up to me on a personal basis and show their support” Prieto said.

thumbnail_Corey  Stevens_005456_@.jpg
Corey Stevens 

With this week, Stevens says he is focusing on reinforcing some of the previous platforms points that he talked about during the campaign, “This week has been about ground campaigning and closing the margin with the supporters of the third candidate, Manny Ordoque” he said, “We have been focusing on creating conversations with students all throughout campus to solidify our message and increase our support.”

Prieto, for his strategy with the extra time, says he is trying to focus more on some of the voting sections he feels he could improve from the first go-around, particularly with the engineering college, “I’ve been able to reach out to a lot more engineering students this week, I have been able to go down there and speak with them more” he says.

“It’s amazing when a student knows what the run-off is and how important it can be” Prieto added.

Stevens says that despite the results next Monday, he has put together a past few weeks to be proud of, “Many individuals have poured their time and energy into this campaign and I am honored to represent so many students” he says, “My supporters have kept me going and I am honestly just so passionate about giving back to NMSU and our students.”

The election concludes at 5 P.M. on Monday. For full results and analysis, log on to

Regents Delay Tuition Vote – Approve Housing and Meal Plan Increases

By: Albert Luna

The New Mexico State Board of Regents met on Monday, April 3, in what was supposed to be a meeting centered mainly on a tuition increase, but the action item was ultimately tabled instead.

The Board, which had not met in an open action meeting since March 6, was originally scheduled to vote on four different action items, each having to do with a request for new rates.

However, before the Agenda for the meeting could be approved, which would have put the tuition vote on the action-required-platform, Regent Kari Mitchell requested to push back any voting.

“We received a request from the administration late Friday, which was to table [The Tuition Increase Proposition]” Mitchell said, “The reason for that is that there is a great deal of uncertainty in terms of what is going to happen with the state budget.”

This development comes off the heels of an apparent standoff between Governor Susana Martinez and the State Legislature after they approved a budget that would bring cuts to state supported schools like NMSU, which the Governor has said she would not sign. The Senate could use a special session to get the budget through this week in the likely case of a pocket veto by the Governor.

The cuts from the State for NMSU are expected to be anywhere from 1.1 percent to 5.7 percent in reduction of appropriations overall for the University.

“There’s rumored new discussions regarding tuition credit and I think it’s prudent of us to wait until the state brings more certainty to our budgetary situation” Mitchell said.

The change in tuition, when voted on, can range from no change at all, to as high as roughly $200 more per semester for a full-time student at the University.

With the tuition change tabled for at least roughly one month, the Board voted on three other action items, all of which were approved which included raising the price for on-campus housing rates from next school year through 2021, raising on-campus meal plan rates for at least next school year and keeping the same parking rates for on-campus parking for at least next school year.

Senior Vice President Angela Thorneberry and Associate Vice President D’Anne Stuart presented a proposal for all of the action items. Stuart initially talked about the new projects that have been in development from a housing standpoint. Among other financial goals that office of Administration and Finance has set, there are also plans underway for a new residence hall on the site of the old Monagle hall that was demolished in late 2016.

“The residential hall facility will be the Monagle Hall replacement and be built on that site” Stuart said.

The new facility, which is expected to be ready by the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, will have an estimated 300 beds and, as Stuart said, it will focus more on interior amenities in order to attract a new market of students to on-campus living.

The new hall, which will cost roughly $21.5 million, will be solely funded from the net proceeds of the 2017 Bonds.

In addition, Stuart said that there will also be facility renovations, which aside from basic maintenance improvement projects, also includes facility renovations to Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel, Pinon and Garcia Halls, along with Chamisa and Vista Del Monte Villages.

“We have $11 million going to facility renovations” Stuart said, “Those key facilities [3 Residential halls and 2 Apartments] that we’ve identified need to remain online [in use].”

In order to keep up with current market movements among college campus living nationwide, the department ultimately proposed to set housing rates at an increasing rate per year through the end of the 2021 school year.

The housing rate request would affect all campus housing. The proposition would increase housing rates the primarily the most next school year, with a Pinon Double Suit (4.8 percent) and a Chamisa 2-bedroom apartment (3.4 percent) seeing some of the notable jumps.

By the end of the 2021 school year, most housing rates will have risen from anywhere between 5 and 8 percent, meaning around a $750 increase per year by the 2021 school year for most housing.

“Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel, even with our increase, is below our peer’s [similar sized Universities] average low [price] for double suites, which is our most common type of facility” Stewart said.

In regards to the meal plan increase, the Board approved a plan that would increase all prices by 2.9 percent for only the 2017-18 school year. The Aggie Choice 230 plan, which is one of more popular plans on campus, would be raised from $1,796 to $1,848 per semester, a $104 increase over the course of a school year, excluding the summer.

The Board also voted on a proposition that would not increase parking permit costs for next school year as well, but acknowledged an increase would have to be looked at in the near future.

If and when a state budget is passed, Board Chair Debra Hicks said she will call a special meeting to discuss tuition for next year. However, if a budget does not get approved relatively soon (at the latest by the start of the fiscal year on July 1), the state would go into a furlough, which Chancellor Garrey Carruthers says would be catastrophic.

“We have I think a 90-day reserve [after July 1] that could hold us over, but the Governor and the Legislature have to get together and give us something to work with” Carruthers said, “We have to have a resolution to the budget [from the state] by July 1 or we cannot operate this University.”

The Time For Collaboration is Now.

By: Emerson Morrow

It’s no secret that the administration here at New Mexico State University is going to have to make some incredibly difficult budget choices over the next couple years. Decreased enrollment means that less student fee money is coming in than before. This could eventually lead to a severe decline in the both the quantity and the quality of the activities being offered to students on campus. We, as students, cannot allow this to happen.

 I believe that the best way to ensure that our college experience, and the experience of future Aggies, is a good one, is to encourage collaboration and teamwork between our student organizations. Specifically, I am calling on the leadership of the main, overarching campus organizations- ASNMSU, Aggie Activities Council, Residence Hall Association, Interfraternity Council, and Panhellenic Council- to meet monthly in the next year. By simply gathering once per month, we can solve scheduling conflicts and work through problems together. By sharing ideas and resources, we will be able to cultivate a more vibrant campus culture, with timing that works for more students.

Imagine what could happen if even a couple of these groups made working together to serve students a priority. AAC and ASNMSU each sponsor several concerts per year. On their own, each group is usually able to bring beginning artists that perhaps some students have heard of. If they pooled their resources, it would ease the financial burden on each group and we would be able to afford some fantastic performers that would draw in current students and potential students alike. Teamwork between these large groups would ensure the success and increased attendance of just about any event from tailgates, to diversity programs and awareness weeks.

An oft-quoted African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Over the next year, it is crucial that student organizations break down their walls and work collaboratively to serve other students. Let’s start by meeting together. Then, let’s go far.

Emerson Morrow is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. He was named the NMSU Leadership Pioneer of the Year in 2015 and is a candidate for ASNMSU Vice President.

ASNMSU Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate

By: Isaiah Silva

ASNMSU election campaigns are underway and on March 29 candidates gathered in Corbett Center for the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate.

The debate began with the only candidate for the Vice President position, Emerson Morrow. Although he is running unopposed, he said that he is not taking any support for granted.

“Part of the reason why I’m here is because it was required and because I really want to earn your vote. I’m trying to speak to as many students as possible to really get a sense of how everyone is feeling on this campus, and what you all want to expect from your student government.” Morrow said.

The first question asked was in regards to the education of new ASNMSU senators. Morrow and all other candidates were given a two-minute window to answer their questions.

“One thing I want to do as Vice President is really take new senators under my wing. I plan on setting up a meeting with every member of the ASNMSU Senate at least once a semester because I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” Morrow said, “I think through that mentorship program, I’ll really be able to help new Senators understand the entire [ASNMSU] law book, but specifically chapters 7 and 8 a little bit better.”

Morrows next question focused on what his biggest goal was during his time in office.

“I’d say the most pressing goal would be streamlining the ASNMSU Senate bill process, so that you are able to submit every document required for the bill online through the ASNMSU website,” Morrow said.

Morrow’s third question dealt with how he planned to keep the Senate to its high standards.

“In the Senate, we talk a lot about accountability. That’s another thing that I want to focus on in the next year. I am taking a close look at the elections code and anywhere in the law book that it mentions impeachment, so we have clear procedures in place to hold senators accountable,” Morrow said.

Once Morrow concluded his questions, the Presidential candidates were welcomed into the Aggie Lounge.

There are three candidates running for the presidential position. The candidates are: Manuel Alejandro Ordoque, Kevin Prieto, and Corey Stevens. Each had two minutes for opening statements.

The first candidate to speak was Corey Stevens.

“One, my goal is to protect the student investment here at the university, whether it’s through tuition dollars or student fee dollars. Two, is to promote every student’s voice at the university and represent that voice in administration, in the board of Regents, and at the state level. And three, to bring a global initiative to ASNMSU.” Stevens said.

Names were drawn randomly and the next one selected to speak as Kevin Prieto.

“Some of my main goals are to increase transparency within our ASNMSU government and widen the outreach and public relations to our university. Another one is to really push on the communication between organizations, as well as ourselves and administration.” Prieto said, “ My last one is really to push on the point of my experience.”

The last to make his opening statement was Manuel


“I have three goals. One of the main goals that I hope to accomplish within my term is to build the graduate school council to become completely autonomous. That way they are able to appropriate their own bills, they’re able to basically be their own entity but still be part of the association. The second thing is to help the senators, to prioritize the international health care we see here. International students make up about 20-30 percent of this institution and I hope to fix that once I become president. The third thing I think we all want is transparency,” Ordoque said.

Once the opening statements were finished, the questions started. The questions asked included topics such as: why they wanted to run for ASNMSU president, diversity on campus, maintaining the Lottery Scholarship, and services provided to students among others.

For more information on the ASNMSU Elections and candidates, visit

Exclusive: Presidential Candidate Interviews

During campaign week, The Round Up sat down separately with all three ASNMSU Presidential candidates (Kevin Prieto, Manuel Ordoque and Corey Stevens) and asked each of them the same questions regarding the election. Questions ranged from policy to the impending budget they will inherit, to how they will work the University administration, and areas they believe the student government can improve. Their most prominent answers are on the following spread. Below are the questions that each were asked (with the number to the question corresponding to their answer on the following spread) to each of them.

1. What has prompted you to make this run at the ASNMSU Presidency this year?

Kevin Prieto: “For me being a part of the community of Las Cruces and having family go through at NMSU, this University means so much to me, I want to give back to the University, I want to give back by serving the students, that’s why I’ve been a part of ASNMSU for the last 3 years. I’ve seen the good and the bad and I want to get us to where we need to be”

Manuel Ordoque: “I’ve been a Senator for two years, some of the things I’ve seen in the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch has concerned me. When ASNMSU talks about legislative action, they don’t really bring up international students. That’s something I want to do, I want to prioritize international and graduate students. ASNMSU has a track record of only representing undergraduate students, a lot of leadership in ASNMSU will say ‘that’s not true’ but when you look at the two years I’ve been here, it’s [International and Graduate] always that thing in the closet. They’ve been left out and its preposterous, it’s sickening”

Corey Stevens: “Since my Sophomore Year of High School, I have wanted to come here [NMSU], partly because of the marching band initially, and partly because of the culture here at the University, the family environment. I was also involved with the College of Business and Student Media and now I feel I’m ready to take myself out of those [activities] and put my name in the race and represent something [activities I’ve done] that I have been trying to for a long time”

2. What about your background (involvement in organizations or the community) do you feel has prepared you to assume a leadership role of this magnitude?

Kevin Prieto: “My experience goes back to high school. I was Junior Class President and Student Body President of Las Cruces High School. It made me really active and it carried on to college where I saw my work could be valued in a bigger domain and bigger outreach. I take it from everyday life and the different experiences, I am Vice President of two other clubs and I’m in a fraternity, I really hold values that other students hold. I understand what it means to be in a small organization that is struggling as well as the other end of the spectrum”

Manuel Ordoque: “I worked with Armando Rodriguez, [a board member with Canutillo ISD in Texas], completely shadowing him when he would go to Houston. When I saw what he would do, the ethic, the hustle, it taught me how to be diplomatic with individuals who didn’t have the same opinion or beliefs with me. I am also the President of Alpha Kappa Lamda, I’ve learned you have to trust your members of your organization.”

Corey Stevens: “With all of these organizations [I am a part of], I have gotten to know a diverse group of people. I have gotten to know a lot of stories and why these students are here, whether it’d be anyone who comes from different parts of life, from someone who has to work twice as hard as someone else to the person that came to NMSU because they offer something other Universities don’t I understand that and those people and I think I am well rounded in that way”

3. What are some of the main points on your platform that you would say are cornerstones of your campaign?

Kevin Prieto: “Biggest issue I see is in communication, whether it’d be student-to-student or council-to organizations, etc. Faculty feels the same way so we see there’s a common theme that needs to be addressed and we can destroy that barrier. We should also improve in transparency and our outreach and PR with the students and ASNMSU and Las Cruces as a whole. I also want to reach out to UNM and do some partnerships with them. Lastly [platform agenda], my fiscal responsibility, I feel I know the budget better than a lot of people.”

Manuel Ordoque: “I want to make the Graduate Student Councils and the Graduate Schools autonomous from ASNMSU. After speaking to these students, they agree, it’s time, they want to judge bills amongst themselves. There’s a lot of dirty stuff that the Senate can do, they like to play their own House of Cards with their little political landscape. When an undergrad that is studying something like an Animal Sciences major gets to determine research funds for a graduate student, it’s troubling.”

Corey Stevens: “I have strict platform policies like increasing diversity awareness on campus which is ensuring that member of the continuing diversity board get their allotted money, etc. I also think that ASNMSU needs to take a more global approach in how we use the student voice, especially with all of the budget cuts. I think moving forward we need to partner with administration and get our goals and facts straight and then take a global approach.”

4. With the State and University in a fluid budget situation, how would you handle a task of helping with appropriation of money as well as overseeing the budget as a whole?

Kevin Prieto: “I’ve seen a good budget and I’ve seen a bad budget, and I want to involve the students more, even if it complicated to understand I want to sit down with them and answer any questions. It goes back to communication and seeing what the students want. When one organization offers similar things to what we [ASNMSU] do, there’s a lot of redundancy and wasted money. I want to be as efficient as possible and make sure we aren’t wasting anybody’s money (student fees)”

Manuel Ordoque: “It’s a really delicate situation. Everyone is betting on enrollment to go down, so I would cut appropriations in the surplus account for Senate. I would also cut the amount that is given to Directors in ASNMSU. The State would give me this amount of money and it would be up to me to be responsible with that, along with my directors.”

Corey Stevens: “It will be tricky for anybody, but the budget is actually pretty balanced, but if you want to balance the internal budget throughout the year you could use the penny rule [Taking 1% off every line item] for everyone’s budget. I think this year they [Current ASNMSU Administration] did a good job bringing all of the student organizations before them and seeing where they were spending their money.”

5. Being the voice of the student population, how would you interact with Administration, including Chancellor Carruthers to advocate for students’ interest?

Kevin Prieto: “I value relationships more than anything, I think the foundation of success is respect. I have respect for all the administration and they have respect for me. I know them, I’ve worked with them and the experience I have had, they know me.”

Manuel Ordoque: “My relationship with Carruthers would be diplomatic, they would know I would have to push for certain things. Sometimes I will be aggravated and so will they but I know the idea they have in mind will be the best interest of the students”

Corey Stevens: “I have a good relation with Chancellor Carruthers, but the administration already has an agenda, and whatever they say is more important than what our students say. We haven’t had a global approach, but [if elected] we could come together to compare goals for the University and see where we meet to work and fight together.”

6. In your opinion, what is the biggest problem (or area in need of improvement) currently with ASNMSU?

Kevin Prieto: “Transparency, with PR and outreach and extending that hand to the students. We have a closed base of students who know who we are and what we do and they come and ask for money and utilize their resources that they are paying for [with Student Fees]. I want to reach out to students that don’t really know who we are and reach them and reward them”

Manuel Ordoque: “Something everyone runs on but no one ever follow through with is transparency. NMSU must cut about $22 million by the fall, but no one is talking about it, and that will affect tuition. When looking at the most recent Board of Regents minutes [from their meeting in January] nowhere does it say about any kind of tuition increase, so that means they will have to cut staff and professorships. When you cut all these positions, how valuable will the University stay? With transparency, where has the leadership been in telling us we might get an increase in our tuition?

Corey Stevens: “I think ASNMSU needs to stop being so much like a student government, it has to be better by reaching more students and taking a more global approach. We need to act like an actual governing body and partner with the higher governing body of the University. We’re ranked a top tier University, but we never get better, we never rise in the rankings, I think it is because all of the budget cuts that we are getting and it is now starting to affect Faculty which means students are losing teachers that they might have come here for”

7. What is something interesting (or a fun fact) about yourself that may not come up in the course of a regular campaign?

Kevin Prieto: “My life changed when I had a Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich. My sister for years told me to try it and I finally tried it one day and now it’s my favorite snack. Toast the bread, crunchy peanut butter and an extra crunch pickle.”

Manuel Ordoque: “I’m from Chicago, I was close to playing for the Chicago Fire [MLS Team]. I was scouted by Cuauhtemoc Blanco and he scouted me when I was in Aurora, Illinois. It was a cool experience.”

Corey Stevens: “I think something unique is that I have Tourette’s and just in case people question it while I’m speaking they can hopefully focus on my passion for what I’m doing. I also play the trombone.”

Spring 2017 Senate elections

Along with the Executive Branch of Elections, the Spring also carries with it new openings for ASNMSU Senators in their respective Colleges. The following are all Senate Candidates (divided by College and organized alphabetically). Some quick points to remember for voters:


* Terms run for one year

* Represent their respective college in the ASNMSU Senate with the right to draft and vote on legislation.

* Members of their respective College’s council.

To vote:

* Must be an NMSU Student.

* Log on to

* Voters must be enrolled in the College of that specific candidate (example: Business Majors can vote for Business Senators and Presidential Candidates but not a Candidate from the Engineering College)

* Voting Starts April 3rd at 8 A.M., concluding on Friday, April 7th.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.31.36 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.31.47 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.32.17 AM

Arts and Science’s Senate Race Likely To Be The Closest

By: Jianna Vasquez

Campaigning for the Arts & Sciences Senate kicked off on March 27 and nominees are working hard to get voters endorsements.

There are seven students running for the senate position and only four will be chosen. Two candidates are up for re-election.

On Tuesday, March 28, Arts & Sciences candidates shared their proposals to the council meeting.

Linda Cisneros was the first candidate to speak in front of the council. This will be Cisneros’s second time running for the position, but she is the only girl on the ballot this year which she hopes if elected she will bring a different prospective to ASNMSU. Cisneros is currently a sophomore majoring in Government with a minor in communications. She proposed to encourage more involvement in student organizations and to let these organizations know about ASNMSU funding through promotion of social media.

“These programs help academically and professionally develop our students and I believe the purpose of college is to prepare us for the next chapter of our lives so I definitely seek to encourage student involvement in these organizations,” Cisneros said.

Alexander Warner-Garret is up for re-election this year. He has been involved with ASNMSU for the past two years. Warner-Garret started as roadrunner and then later on as a senator. During Warner-Garret time in the senate he has advocated for finance and community service. If re-elected Warner-Garret wants to make sure that if student fees are increased they will continue to be used for the students.

“I want to make sure are student fees go even further and that all of our outstanding students can get the funds that they deserve,” said Warner-Garret.

William Jones is another candidate that is up for a re-election this year. Jones is a part of the Marine Corps and Student Veteran organization. He is currently working on a bill that will get the Student Veterans organization on the diversity board in order to qualify to get funding. Jones stressed that not only is he writing this bill for the Student Veteran organization, but he is also willing to help any other organization that feels they need more funding.

If re-elected, Jones wants to push in the upcoming year is helping international by looking into their healthcare and allowing them to have a wider range of health plans they can choose from.

“I want to look into helping international students that make up roughly two or three thousand of our students, which is a huge revenue we can pull from and we really need to make them feel at home,” said Jones.

Cody McCarty is part of the Student Veterans organization and is working at the Military and veteran’s programs. McCarty wants to make sure that all the enhanced internships that NMSU is paying for are actually successful and recognized. McCarty was appointed to fill a senate position earlier in spring semester and hopes to continue to serve the Arts and Science department.

“I really engaged in this university and I love this university. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you guys,” said McCarty.

Wilderness Castillo-Dobson is currently involved in the Army ROTC program at NMSU. If elected to the Senate, Castillo-Dobson wants to bridge the gap between the student body and the student government in order to make the student government more accountable and more receptive to the needs and wishes of the student body. Castillo-Dobson wants to advocate in keeping as much funding for the clubs and organizations as possible.

“I know no matter what, standing united we will make this university a more prosperous place,” said Castillo-Dobson.

Marcus Sanchez is currently a sophomore and a double major in Criminal Justice and Government. If elected Sanchez wants to advocate connecting the student body to their government. Sanchez wants to be an active promoter in letting the student body know about all the services that their student fees fund through ASNMSU. Sanchez also wants to continue to promote and clubs and organization that the university offers to get more student involvement.

“I don’t think any student fees should be going to waste so I would be an active promoter of programs that we have at this school because the teams and clubs are what give NMSU our name,” said Sanchez.

Tylan Tapley is a Junior and government major who has transferred three times and he believes that this will help him because he has witness two other forms of student government. If elected Tapley hopes to bring a diversity of ideas and opinions to the board by having a speaker and debate series hosted by ASNMSU.

“As a senator that will be one of the things I stress most importantly, is providing every single student the opportunity to experience this diversity of ideas,” said Tapley.

A New Era for the College of ACES at ASNMSU

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

The annual ASNMSU elections have arrived and a new era for the student senate is dawning.

The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences or ACES is one of the largest at the NMSU Campus and there are three candidates looking to take the seat. Those who graduate from this department are dedicated to improving the community development in New Mexico.

The candidates running for the ACES senate seats have the opportunity to be the person in charge of aiding their college and helping them obtain recognition, seeing to their needs, and proposing future adaptations.

Cassidy Downing is a senior majoring in agriculture business and economics and is re-running for a senate seat for the college of ACES. She said transparency is one of the primary things she would like to bring to ASNMSU this coming year.

“A majority of the students I talk with have no idea what ASNMSU is for or, what we do, or how we can help them”, she said. “I want to be a friendly face in a situation that might be tough. There are sure to be some shifts in the future; with the budget changes and other events taking place on campus.”

Downing has had a lot of time through the years to make the most of her time here at NMSU by getting to know undergraduate and graduate students in the college of arts and sciences. She is the president of the Collegiate Farm and Livestock Bureau, a Secretary for the Collegiate FFA, and an ACES Mentor.

“Seeing so many people do amazing things at this university, makes me want to do everything I can to ensure everyone has an opportunity to discover more and excel in their education”, she said.

Students can be introduced to ASNMSU and Senate as early as their freshman year. ASNMSU has a Roadrunner Program where students run errands for Senate, Faculty and Staff of the University. The fast paced environment and work experience introduce them to the type of work ASNMSU executes.

This is how Jaycie Cruz, a junior from the college of ACES studying Agriculture and Extension Education got interested in ASNMSU. Cruz explained that three years ago the Roadrunner Program introduced her to how Senate works and allowed her to explore. She has been with ASNMSU since then and is also re-running for a Senator position.

“This year I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and really stepped up as a Senator. Not only have I fought passionately for my constituents and what they want, but I have also taken more responsibility within ASNMU. I’m currently serving as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee and have worked on the General Appropriations Act, the ASNMSU Budget, and various other legislative issues with other ASNMSU leaders.”

Cruz has been involved in Greek Life, the ACES Ambassador Program, and various other community service organizations on campus, and is a prime example of how busy and involved some of the students running for election or re-election are. But she stated that her biggest pleasure is serving others.

The final candidate running for the ACES seat is Jordan Woodbury. He is a sophomore who is majoring in Animal Science and to Woodbury, NMSU has become a life changing place.

“NMSU is a very diverse campus and there is so much available for people to experience and get involved in. I am interested in serving to give each person the same opportunity that I was given. It is a personal goal of mine to keep all students at NMSU informed and to participate and utilize all of their resources, because by having this knowledge, students are more likely to be more active and willing to take advantage of some extraordinary opportunities that are offered here.”

Woodbury has kept himself busy by being involved in several clubs and organizations which include Collegiate FFA, Collegiate 4-H, ACES Ambassador Program, Wool Judging, NMSU Intramurals, and Greek Life.

“From being involved in a wide variation of organizations, I feel that I will be able to communicate well with all of the constituents and be able to serve as a voice and represent those from a wide variation of backgrounds.”

One of the primary goals that ASNMSU aims to improve is university communications with its students. Many of the candidates who are running for the various positions are aware of this and are eager to bring many new ideas to the forthcoming academic year.


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.00.34 AM

Hello Fellow Aggies, My name is Kevin Prieto and I am currently a junior majoring in Business Administration. I have been a part of ASNMSU since my first semester of college. I first got my start in the association through the roadrunner internship program in the Fall of 2014. I held position of College of Business Senator for two consecutive terms, writing numerous bills. I currently am the ASNMSU Vice President and have helped guide the legislative body into a successful year. I hold the students interest on a very high pedestal and hope to continue to represent them. I currently work closely with the current ASNMSU President sitting in on meetings and speaking to administration and I am confident that the transition will be fast and efficient. I want to make sure that every Aggie has the best college experience possible. I believe I am the most qualified candidate and I am more than ready to serve the student body into a successful future and hope to represent you as the next ASNMSU President.


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.00.50 AM

Hey Aggies! My name is Manuel Ordoque and I’ve been an Arts and Sciences Senator for 2 years. It’s been an awesome time serving you all in ASNMSU but since spending my time in the senate there are many things that can fixed. I hope to serve you all as your President as being the most hard working and transparent


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.01.01 AM

Hey Aggies! I am excited and honored to be running as a candidate for ASNMSU President and serve the school I love. I was raised in southeastern New Mexico and have always bled crimson. I am currently a Junior studying Economics and Finance in the College of Business, serving as a Senator, and have had a great experience representing students in my college. In addition, I also serve as the current Executive Director of The Round Up (NMSU’s premier news publication), am a proud New Mexico Leadership Institute scholar, have served as a College of Business Ambassador, and am a member of the PRIDE marching band. Along with these roles, I am genuinely interested in our students’ well-being and am excited to discuss the issues we will be facing in the upcoming academic year, and how to resolve them. Aggie Up!


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.01.12 AM

Hey New Mexico State! I’m Emerson Morrow and excited to be running to serve as your next student body Vice President. In the ASNMSU Senate, I have worked to provide students with worthwhile community service opportunities, advocate strongly for the lottery scholarship, and secure the funding that students need. With the current budget situation, it is more important than ever that we have a student senate which is run efficiently and leadership that is willing to cooperate with other organizations on campus. I believe that I can effectively oversee and streamline the senate process, distributing funding to deserving student organizations while making sure that ASNMSU continues to provide inclusive events and services that enhance the college experience for everyone. With your help, I know we can build a student government we can all be proud of. Thanks for your consideration. God bless and go Aggies!