Experience: What Employers Are Looking For

By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve heard that to get a job, I needed to get good grades and be the best in academics that I could be.

For me, that was getting straight A’s and B’s every year. In my house, C’s were not okay, unless I could come up with a reasonable excuse or have proof that I had “actually” tried my best in the class.

But experience was something that I didn’t come to realize was important until my freshman year of college. In public school, it was all about getting the highest grades and pushing myself in extracurricular activities like band or sports. Experience is one of the most crucial factors that employers look for in potential employees. To them, they want someone who knows what they are doing. Someone who feels comfortable to step out of their comfort zone and someone.

Imagine if you are a manager and you have two potential candidates to hire. One of them has straight A’s, acquired a 3.9 GPA, was in the honors college, had a part time job, and completed college in 4 years. The second didn’t get straight A’s and but still has a 3.5 GPA. But they were a member of Greek Life, were a part of leadership groups, worked in charity groups and did community service work, has had 2 internships, was member of student government, and had a part time job.

It’s never a bad thing to make your resume list all the things that you’ve done. Don’t clutter it. Even though people want to know what you’ve accomplished and done, patience and the will to read every detail is low.

Not only does experience help you become a stronger choice for employment, but it provides you with connections. If you meet people and leave a good impression, they will remember you, and they will recommend you. Always strive to be the best, but take time to get the most out of college while you are in it, because in the end, it’s not always about finishing with the highest GPA.

This Has to Be as Bad As It Gets For New Mexico

By: Albert Luna

The past several weeks for the legislature of the state have been ugly, to say the least. Many of the issues that arose during the 60-day legislature for the State had to deal with financial funding from a variety of standpoints. There’s simply no way around the overwhelming evidence that the State is in some of the hardest of times in recent history. Budgets are continuing to be slashed at virtually every corner for consecutive years now, all while taxes still do not go up for state citizens.

Perhaps being on a college campus, we are able to see this dilemma first hand with faculty and staff already being plagued with cuts and students now looking like they will be shouldering some of the burden in the form of tuition hikes. Many can point the blame in a number of directions, however, one point that many may not realize is that this situation figures to be temporary given that the state expects the oil and gas industry within its borders to very soon have an uptick in business which will in turn provide the state with some much-needed cash funds.

In addition, NMSU has also been seeing its enrollment numbers not be as bad as they had initially expected, according to the Board of Regents. If you have to think of it as a storm, the next 6 months (until a budget it passed and appropriations are in place) it will likely be the worst of the worst. The good news, however, is the only place to go from there, as a state, is up. So, before you start worrying if your degree will even be worth anything in a few years, just know that, even though it seems that everything surrounding the University (financially) is on the downswing, just know that it cannot get much worse.

At least, we hope.

History is All Around Us

By: Albert Luna

The other day I had a gentleman come into my office inquiring about a story idea he had in mind. The man, in his 60’s, attended NMSU during the early 1970’s.

“I can’t believe how much this place has changed” he told me. I used that as a transition point into asking him just how different the school once was.

Suddenly, for the next 20 minutes in the middle of an early March Wednesday in 2017, I felt as if I had been taken back in time to an NMSU none of us would recognize. Whether it was the man telling of how he once lived in an all-boys dorm in what is now currently Breland Hall, or of the times that Milton Hall was seen as the center of campus and housed not only places to eat, but a book store as well.

In addition, the man, who graduated with a journalism degree, also mentioned student media, of how he was the first Sports Anchor on what is now known as News 22 with KRWG, working for $50 a month. He also recalled the time his sophomore year he, along with most of the students on campus, began to protest a Board of Regents decision that there could not be any boys in girls’ dorms or vice versa at any time of the day, a decision later reversed in 1976.

This kind of history  that we now occupy (both physical locations and job titles) have an enormous legacy in and of themselves that come with them. Odds are, problems both good and bad are not the first (or the last) of its kind that will be seen at this University. However, it can be beneficial to sometimes remind yourself to look up and realize that not only is history around us in every sense of the word, but also living through us as well.

Live In Your Moment

By: Jianna Vasquez

College can be so hectic with a million and three things going on at once. It’s hard to balance social life, school, working, and extracurricular activities. Balancing all these out is sometimes very stressful.

At first, I thought it was only me, who thought that there weren’t enough hours in the day! My mind was always on school or always thinking about the next task that needed to be completed instead if just focusing on one thing at a time.

However, I eventually found that there was thing that worked for me and there was thing that didn’t work for me.

One thing that I always have to constantly remind myself is that it’s okay to enjoy yourself and take breaks from your studies and from work. I know were at a crucial time in our lives where we are constantly trying to better ourselves, learn more and do more in order to get us to that next place in our lives.

But at the same time, we have to remember that we may never come across some of these opportunities again, or we may never see some of the people we meet here on campus, or in our lives, ever again.

With that being said, there are a lot of things that have helped me relax, and unwind a little more. Like putting down my phone for a while, yoga, or going to the movies, even little things like taking the longer way to class just to listen to my music for a couple more minutes.

While you’re caught up in all you work, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses a little more often. You’ll miss a lot of wonderful little things if you’re always too focused on the next thing, because to be honest, the next thing never really gets here. Live in the moment.

3 Takeaway’s from Trump’s Address to Congress

By: Albert Luna

President Donald Trump addressed the United States Congress for the first time since taking office just over a month ago on Tuesday, February 28, in a joint session between the House and Senate. The address, which was watched by an estimated 48 million people, showed a side of The President most Americans were unaccustomed to seeing or hearing about. President Trump talked for a little over an hour, touching on most topics that are of concern for many Americans, including foreign relations, the economy, and the armed services. Here are my 3 takeaways from Tuesday night:

1) Increasing the Military

-Under the Obama administration, military funding was held down for the majority of his second term. Trump made it clear that this kind of trend would not be the case going forward. The President, as had been initially reported earlier in the week, is seeking a $54 billion increase in Military spending from Congress and on Tuesday he made his best sales pitch, “To keep America safe, we must provide the men and women of the United States Military with the tools they need, to prevent war, and, if they must, to fight and to win.” A major part of his requested increase also comes in the form of helping out veterans, a cornerstone of the demographic that hot him elected last November.

2) The Wall Is Still Happening

President Trump made it clear that Americans should make no mistake about it: the wall is going up. Trump doubled down on his proposition that he has made to his supporters since the day he announced he was running for the office and continued with his call to build the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. In addition, The President also alluded to the ongoing crackdown of unauthorized illegal immigrants in the country. Moreover, one interesting twist in The Presidents stance was still leaving the door open to perhaps less deportation and more reform on the part of Congress, introducing a Merit-Based system of having immigrants take part in the workforce as opposed to low skilled jobs.

3) Trump Can Soothe the Nation

For as dividing the November election has proven to be, Trump, to his credit, has been able to step up and serve as a reasonable voice when it matters. In most overnight polls conducted, the vast majority of nation was encouraged by the comments and demeanor that Trump showcased (according to CBS, New York Post and Washington Post polls, amongst others). Trump, in contrast to his Twitter rants on occasion, seemed calm, cool, and genuine in his interactions with the crowd, on a few occasions honoring some of his guests such as the widow of slain navy seal William “Ryan” Owens and the widow of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Overall, the Trump we saw on Tuesday is not only an encouraging sign for both political parties, but one I think we will be seeing more often as he transitions into his first elected position ever held. Sure, he will still be attacking his opponents if he feels it is necessary (specifically the mainstream media) but I believe he will also begin to show much of the elegance and genuine care for the American people his supporters have seen in him at times on a larger scale. Even at 70 years old, Trump still has a learning curve for the office, the question is, how much more is there to figure out?

Albert Luna may be reached at truprint@nmsu.edu or (575) 646-5434.

The Importance of Friends and Community

By: Kelsey Gentile

College provides many opportunities and a chance to learn new things and try out something new. It’s pretty likely in pursuit of a degree or a new hobby it will involve other people. Having a group of friends and a group or club you meet with regularly is an awesome way to get to know people while doing something you enjoy.

There are several groups and clubs on campus that meet regularly, and that fit everyone’s needs and interests. Tuesdays are my favorite days because I get to meet up with my friends at RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). This group has provided some great opportunities for me to get to know more people, learn more spiritually and also try fun things, like learning how to ice skate. This group and other groups are fun to be part of because you get to just live life together. The best part of RUF is you get to come as you are and who you are.

Being a part of a group or club can provide something for you to look forward to in the week, especially if you hate that one class and need something to look forward to in the week. There are groups focusing in governing, cultural interests, religious, sports, greek life, and much more. There’s almost always a group or organization in front of Corbett if you ever want to learn more them.

Another plus to getting involved with a group is you can gain experience and knowledge about your interests. Often groups while have fun trips or workshops you might not otherwise get to be a part of, or get to experience.

   If you want to check out a list of NMSU student groups you can check out their website. http://upc.nmsu.edu/charter/list.php


By: Luis “Luigi” Finston

DJ’ing has grown from something that you do in your garage; to cope stress, family issues, or breaking up with your girlfriend, to a major occupation in the music industry that only beggars the imagination.

Thanks to Music Festivals; the Genre of Techno / Hard Style / Trance and EDM has become one of the fastest growing genres ever in the last decade. Being a professional DJ myself, it’s been inspiring to see how the music industry has grown so rapidly.

So what does it take to make it as a DJ? Commitment. Being a DJ has it’s perks. But at times, is not all fun and games.

There’s a fundamental difference between mixing music and composing and creating your own music. One takes a mixer with turntables. The other takes software and a synthesizer or music pad. Creating music is something that isn’t easy.

Music to me is more than art. It’s a therapy. It’s a way for me to escape the negativity of the world, and create something that I can truly say is mine.

While other musicians master reading sheet music, DJ’s must master 5 things. Timing, Tempo, Software, Composition and Developing a Good Ear. But most importantly: DJ’s have to find “THEIR” sound. Because their sound, is their VOICE.

Professional DJ’s got where they are, because they did something different. They took an idea and made it their own. In a world full of copycats, it’s hard to find your “voice” in the music industry. But if you set your mind to it armed with creativity, anything is possible.

Doing Adulthood Different

By: Katie Kilbane

If Charles Darwin were alive today he would have a tough time studying the average millennial. Out of the most recent cohorts, millennials are throwing curveballs as to what they want to own (or rent), when they want to be married and what healthy means to them.

Goldman Sachs conducted a study called “Millennials: Coming of Age” that examined the unique way millennials are doing life. The generation is the largest at 92 million born between 1980 – 2000 compared to Generation X at 61 million and 77 million for Baby Boomers.

Millennials are fixated on how to make each day easier and that relates to how they want to live. Buying homes or cars is too much of a commitment. Many still live at home with their parents or rent a house rather than buying one. This generation is also leasing more cars and using apps such as Uber or Lyft to get around.

Lack of commitment is driving this generation to think smarter about finances before they are available. Many save for life experiences such as trips rather than buying a flat screen tv or expensive purses. Wedding rings are also included. The average is waiting till their 30’s to pop the question and start a family.

Despite the lack of ownership, Millennials are committed to their health. With bombardments of ads describing the effects of cigarettes less are smoking. They are also including exercise into their everyday lives. Nearly all department stores/brands have their own workout clothes line thanks to an increase in exercise.

The lives of millennials will influence the economy for decades to come and shape the future for their children. Based on these trends, Millennials won’t stop other things like voting, careers, education and environment from changing either.

For more information on Millennials visit Goldman Sachs Millennials Infographic. http://www.goldmansachs.com/our-thinking/pages/millennials/

Turning Lifting Into a Lifestyle

By: Derek Gonzales

It has been over a year now since I started lifting consistently (5-7 days a week) and it has truly changed my life. It started with my best friend Kal beginning to lift with his good friend Jeremy, and soon enough, I realized how much different he started to look and decided to commit myself to making a change along with him.

Weight-lifting is one thing you can’t half-heartedly do. If you only go two or three times a week and continue with a bad diet, you will not see any change. Eat high-protein foods and cut out the sugary drinks and limit yourself to two off days. Go with friends who already made the gym a habit and are where you want to be. If you train with wolves, you’ll eventually become one yourself.

Go online and on social media and find bodybuilders who are your height and have physique you’d like to emulate one day. A couple role models of mine are the Hodgetwins (who are also really funny and have amazing videos on Youtube), and Sadik Hadzovic, a 5’11 185-pound bodybuilder based out of New York who has won Mr. Olympias in his weightclass.

I was not very happy with myself before I made the change. But once I started seeing differences in my strength and in my body, it helped me trust the process. Results will not happen overnight, and many times I would do an exercise and would fail to do a weight that I thought I could do, but eventually, I would get it.

I’ve become very confident, knowing how committed I am to trusting the process in the weight room. Ego-lifting never affected me, as Kal and our friend and third workout partner Alfonso always made sure I was getting my reps instead of just throwing up weight.

Now, my bench press has increased 100 pounds in 55 weeks, my incline dumbbell weight has gone up 50 pounds, and my squat has not only improved technique-wise, but that’s gone up 100 pounds as well. If I can change, so can you. Trust the process.

No Cause is too Big to Conquer

By: Katie Kilbane

The Ivory Game is one of my most recent watches on Netflix. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is an activist on environmental issues, was executive producer of the documentary that chronicles the alarming amount of elephants being killed in Africa.

The World Wild Fund for Nature says nearly 35,000-40,000 elephants are killed every year leaving an estimated 415,000 left in Africa.

Their ivory, which has a large market value, is sold at high prices and thousands of elephants are left to scavengers looking for a meal. The animals can even be cut up and have their meat and skin sold.

One of the images shows a warehouse overflowing with elephant tusks, some weighing in at over 100 pounds. According to the BBC, one pound can be worth up to $ 1,100. A lucrative business for poachers involved. The tusks are counted, sorted and eventually burned.

The film follows men who see an opportunity to make a difference, even if it might leave them in dangerous situations. Hongxiang Huang is a native to the country and since he ‘blends in’ with the population, exploiting illegal ivory trade came much easier to him. Hooked up with secret a camera and mic, he was able to get evidence that suggested sellers were overstepping the legal amount of ivory trade. Watching Huang risk being exposed for his true purpose is courageous because he saw a purpose greater than himself.

Thankfully, ivory is now going to be harder to obtain. China announced at the end of 2016 that all ivory sales will cease at the end of 2017. Elephants now have a chance to make a comeback to their habitats and activists can continue to be the voice for these mammals.

The Ivory Game does not just promote the protection of African Elephants, but rather tell a story of individuals working together from different walks of life, countries and even languages to make a difference in the world. Their documentary shows that no cause is too big to conquer.