Dixie & Dusty


Dixie and Dusty have been on the run way too long and have decided that The Round Up will be the perfect hideout for them.

Trying to keep a low profile from authorities, they want to blend in to everyday campus life and start working for TRU.

Traveling through the west, meeting many types of people, they want to help anyone who has questions about life, love and school. 


Hey y’all!

We’d like to welcome ourselves to NMSU. We’ve traveled all over New Mexico. From way up in the terrain of the Rocky Mountains to the sugar like sand at White Sands, we feel at home in this beautiful state. Nothing will get better than the smell of chile roastin’ and endless sunny days… other than the loot we’ve ‘found’ along the way.

We’re takin’ our days and fillin’ them by enjoying our treasures and settlin’ in Las Cruces. NMSU seems like a great place to find some even better conversations than we have had in our travels.  


Dusty and I have some great advice for y’all and we will be answerin’ questions every week. Don’t be afraid to send in the things that keep you up at night. 

We are here to help.

Everything is anonymous, you can also send in your questions to


Each week Dixie and Dusty will be answering the call.