Donovan Duran




Donovan is a junior at NMSU majoring in the College of Business, with an emphasis in Information Security and a minor in Finance. While taking part in various outdoor activities like running and archaeology, Donovan has also developed a thirst for knowledge in areas such as business, technology, math, and science. Donovan began exploring budgeting and business practices in the Marine Corps. As an infantryman in the Marines, Donovan has been exposed to various skill sets in leadership, team building and business policies.  He also has a passion for helping the needy. While planning on creating a business surrounded by the ideal of humanitarianism, he is also an active member of his church and provides mentorship to children and adults with his expertise in identity and morality development. He enjoys his job as the Student Comptroller of Student Media. Donovan sees Student Media as a diamond in the rough at NMSU, and encourages all students to participate in its activities.